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Electronic Delivery Enrollment

Untitled Document Capital One is offering its stockholders the opportunity to consent to receiving Capital One’s future proxy materials and annual reports electronically.

Electronic delivery could save Capital One a significant portion of the costs associated with printing and mailing its annual meeting materials. If you would like to take advantage of electronic delivery of these materials, please click on the link below and follow the instructions. We hope that you find this service convenient and useful.

If you are:

    1) a Capital One Associate holding Capital One Common Stock (COF) in a 401(k) Plan, or

    2) a Beneficial Stockholder maintaining your COF stock with a broker, bank, trust or other nominee, or

    3) a Registered Stockholder, registered and holding your COF stock with Capital One’s transfer agent Computershare Trust Company, N. A.,

Click here: http://enroll.icsdelivery.com/capitalone