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New Hasbro Pokemon Toys and Games Set to Fuel Holiday Pokemania; Hot Pokemon Newcomers from Hasbro Now Hitting Store Shelves

PAWTUCKET, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 28, 1999--Kids are sure to have Pokemon(TM) on their gift lists this year, and Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS), Nintendo's worldwide master toy and board game licensee for Pokemon (excluding Asia), is now shipping a wide range of exciting additions to its hugely successful line of Pokemon toys and games.

The latest offerings, from Hasbro and its Tiger Electronics, Hasbro Games Group, OddzOn and its CAP Candy division, and Wizards of the Coast divisions, are now beginning to hit store shelves just in time for the holiday shopping season.

"Kids are simply going wild about everything tied to Pokemon, and Hasbro has the hot Pokemon toys for this holiday season," said Jim Silver, co-publisher, TOY WISHES: The Ultimate Toy Buying Guide.

Christopher Byrne (aka "The Toy Guy"), editor of THE TOY REPORT, commented: "For a vast number of kids, it is going to be a Pokemon holiday season, and the phenomenon shows no signs of slowing as we enter the new millennium. With a wide variety of 'all things Pokemon' under its umbrella, Hasbro is in a very strong position."

Here are some highlights of what's on the Hasbro Pokemon toy and game horizon:

Watch for these new action figures and toys:

  • I Choose You Pikachu(TM) -- a cute and cuddly, eight-inch electronic plush version of the most famous Pokemon, No.25 Pikachu, who responds to kids with language and movement. Its ears wiggle, its mouth moves, and its electronic cheeks glow bright red when played with. Available November 1999. Approximate retail price - $24.99. Recommend for ages 4 and up.
  • Pokemon Movie Figure Five-Pack -- includes five "star" Pokemon characters based on the upcoming Pokemon feature-length movie. Two different assortments offer lots of collectible fun with extra play value added by the Pokemon Battle Discs included in each five-pack. Available November. Approximate retail price - $8.99 per set of five. Ages 4 and up.
  • Pokemon Trainers Assortment -- Hasbro's first line of "human" Pokemon action figures from the Pokemon cartoon. Choose from Ash, Misty, Jesse or James, five-inch tall figures that each come with their signature Pokemon character, Poke Ball(TM) and Battle Disc(TM). Available Now. Approximate retail price - $8.99 per set. Ages 4 and up.

From Hasbro's Tiger Electronics division, kids will want to look for:

  • Pokemon Pokedex Organizer -- Now, keeping track of your Pokemon is a cinch! The Pokedex is an electronic organizer that allows you to organize all 151 Pokemon, see animation for each character and their major attack moves, plus provides an extensive biography and characteristics of each Pokemon. Kids can keep track of your own "Capture List" and "lock out" intruders with a password function and more. Available now. Approximate retail price -- $24.99. Ages 5 and up.
  • Pokemon Poke Ball -- Catch all 150 Pokemon and become a Pokemon Master with this unique electronic ball! Tilt the ball and watch the Pokemon tracking beam speed from side to side. When the beam is in the center, press CATCH to capture the Pokemon. A picture ID will appear on the LCD screen, followed by Pokemon stats. Play five different games with Pokemon Poke Ball! Available now. Approximate retail price - $19.99. Ages 5 and up.
  • Pokemon Walkie Talkies -- Sculpted in the likeness of No.25 Pikachu and No. 52 Meowth(TM), each walkie talkie has a talk button, a built-in microphone and a high powered antenna for long distance fun! Available now. Approximate retail price - $14.99. Ages 5 and up.

From Hasbro's Games Group, hot new items coming are:

  • Pokemon Master Trainer Game(TM) -- Can you catch the most powerful Pokemon and become the new Master Trainer? In the Pokemon Master Trainer Game from Milton Bradley, you can travel across Pokemon World from Pallet Town to Indigo Plateau, battling and defeating every other trainer you meet along the way. When you collect the ultimate Pokemon team and beat a Pokemon master, you'll be the new Master Trainer! It includes 150 Pokemon chips, which lock into the oversized gameboards. Two to six players. Available now. Approximate retail price - $19.99. Ages 7 and up.
  • Monopoly Brand(R)Pokemon(TM)Game -- The Monopoly Brand(R)Pokemon(TM)Game by Parker Brothers will have you traveling from gym to gym to battle all kinds of Pokemon. Pokemon-themed play money will give you the power to bargain, trade and fight with the other trainers to collect the most powerful Pokemon team and win the game! This collector's edition comes with six collectible Pokemon playing pieces, including No. 01 Bulbasaur(TM), No.09 Blastoise(TM), No.14 Charmander(TM), No.25 Pikachu, No.35 Clefairy(TM)and No.150 Mewtwo(TM). It also includes 32 Plastic Poke Centers, 12 Poke Marts to improve your gyms, 28 Pokemon deed cards, special optional Poke Rules and a full-color gameboard. Two to six players. Available now. Approximate retail price - $29.99. Ages 8 and up.

Wizards of the Coast is offering these new items in time for the holidays:

  • Pokemon Trading Card Game: Fossil Expansion Set - With the release of the highly anticipated Fossil(TM)expansion for the Pokemon trading card game, fans will now be able to catch all 150 Pokemon as official trading card game cards. Fossil will introduce 47 new cards, as well as holographic versions of the 15 rare cards. Having this larger variety of cards will enable players to build more challenging decks and develop more advanced strategies. New Pokemon, such as No.142 Aerodactyl(TM), No.149 Dragonite(TM)and No.106 Hitmonlee(TM), can be found in 11-card booster packs (approximate retail price - $3.29) and in the 60-card preconstructed theme decks "Bodyguard" and "Lock Down" (approximate retail price - $9.99 each). Available now. Recommended ages 10 and up.
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game: Starter Gift Box - Featuring everything an aspiring Pokemon trainer needs, the Starter Gift Box for the Pokemon trading card game is the ideal gift for anyone wanting to learn how to play the remarkably popular game. It includes the best-selling two-player Starter Set, so players can learn the basic game mechanics for the trading card game. For players ready to explore new strategies, a preconstructed theme deck and a booster pack from the Jungle expansion, as well as an advanced-level rulebook, are also included. Featuring fun accessories for the trading card game - a colorful playmat and a collectible Pokemon coin - the Pokemon Starter Gift Box contains everything a Pokemon trainer needs to begin battling other Pokemon trainers. Approximate retail price - $24.99. Available now. Recommended ages 10 and up.

From Hasbro's OddzOn division:

  • Pokemon Treat Keepers(TM)from CAP Candy -- New Pokemon Treat Keepers are cute, cuddly and collectible plush characters with a delicious secret...each mischievous, little Pokemon carries yummy Tart 'n' Tiny candies inside a hidden pouch. Pokemon Treat Keepers come in eight different characters. Available now. Approximate retail price - $4.99. Ages 3 and up.
  • Pokemon Pop Toppers from CAP Candy -- Take your Pokemon and your delicious pop everywhere you go with the new Pokemon Pop Toppers! Pokemon Pop Toppers come in eight different characters, all equipped with a backpack clip to keep your lollipop safe and tasty for when you're on the go. Available December. Approximate retail price - $1.99. Ages 3 and up.
  • Pokemon Micro Bubbles from OddzOn -- Koosh Bubbles(TM) Pokemon(TM) Micro Bubbles(TM) lets kids blow teeny, tiny bubbles with their favorite Pokemon characters. Just remove the character's head and use it as a bubble wand to make lots of miniature bubbles. A removable lanyard lets you take the fun wherever you go. Available November. Approximate retail price - $2.99. Ages 3 and up.

Hasbro's new Pokemon offerings join hot-selling current Hasbro Pokemon favorites, from the broad line of collectible Pokemon action figures and bean-filled mini plush to the electronic Pokedex Organizer and the top-selling trading card games from Wizards of the Coast to Pokemon board games, puzzles and more.

Hasbro's Pokemon items are joined by the record-breaking sales of the Nintendo Game Boy(R) and N64(R) games.

Nintendo originally launched Pokemon in Japan for the world's best-selling Game Boy hand-held video game system, and watched the 150 creatures evolve into a cultural phenomenon. The franchise arrived in North America in September 1998 with the release of the Pokemon Blue and Red Game Boy games, and has grown into a $5 billion dollar industry worldwide.

Nintendo and its licensing agency, Leisure Concepts, Inc. (a division of 4Kids Entertainment), have licensed the franchise to more than 90 U.S.-based companies, whose products entertain millions of fans all over North America.

Hasbro is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of toys, games, interactive software, puzzles and infant products. Both internationally and in the U.S., its PLAYSKOOL, KENNER, TONKA, ODDZON, SUPER SOAKER, MILTON BRADLEY, PARKER BROTHERS, TIGER, HASBRO INTERACTIVE, GALOOB and WIZARDS OF THE COAST products provide children and families with the highest quality and most recognizable toys and games in the world.

For additional information about Hasbro, visit the company's Web site at

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NOTE TO EDITORS: a complete listing of Hasbro Pokemon toys and games for 1999 is attached. Images of select products are available upon request.

Following is a complete listing of Hasbro Pokemon toys and games for 1999:

Item/Name Date Available Appx. Retail


Power Bouncer Assortment                    Now            $  2.99
Battle Figure Assortment                    Now            $  4.99
Poke Ball Blaster Assortment                Now            $  8.50
Electronic Assortment                       Now            $  8.99
Roll and Play Stamper Set                   Now            $  4.99
Micro Playset Assortment                    Now            $  8.99
Pokemon Bean Bag Assortment                 Now            $  6.99
Pokemon Basic Plush Assortment              Now            $  9.99
I Choose You Pikachu! Elec. Plush           November 1999  $ 24.99
Movie Five-Pack Assortment                  November 1999  $  8.99
Pokemon Trainers Assortment                 November 1999  $  8.99
Pokemon Jumbo Plush                         December 1999  $ 29.99
Pokemon Action 2-Packs                      December 1999  $  9.99
Pokemon Pull Backs                          December 1999  $  3.99

Pokemon Electronic Keychains                Now            $  3.99
Pikachu Talking Plush Keychain              Now            $  5.99
Pikachu 35mm Camera                         Now            $ 17.99
Pokemon Electronic YO-YOs                   Now            $  9.99
Pokemon Challenge Game                      Now            $ 19.99
Pokemon Walkie Talkie                       Now            $ 14.99
Poke Ball Game                              Now            $ 19.99
Pokedex Organizer                           Now            $ 24.99
Cyclone 2                                   Now            $ 24.99
Pokemon Thunderstock Challenge              Now            $ 24.99
Togepi Talking Plush Keychain               December 1999  $  5.99
Pikachu Talking Bank                        Now            $  9.99

Pokemon Master Trainer Game                 Now            $ 15.50
Pokemon Monopoly                            Now            $ 29.99
Pokemon Catch'em Match'em Game              Now            $ 16.99
Pokemon Yahtzee Board Game                  December 1999  $  5.99
Pokemon Battling Coin Game                  December 1999  $  5.50
Pokemon Jr. Adventure Game                  December 1999  $ 10.00

Pokemon 60-Pc puzzle                        Now            $  2.99
Pokemon Poster Puzzle (200 Pc)              November 1999  $  4.99
Pokemon Mini 50 Pc Puzzle                   December 1999  $  0.99
Pokemon Mini Puzz 3-D Puzzle                December 1999  $  4.99

Pokemon Trading Card Games (TCG)

Two-Player Starter Set                      Now            $ 9.99
Base Set Preconstructed Theme Decks         Now            $ 9.99
(Zap!, Blackout, Over-Growth & Brushfire)
Base Set 11-Card Booster Packs              Now            $ 3.29
Jungle Preconstructed Theme Decks           Now            $ 9.99
(Power Reserve & Water Blast)
Jungle 11-Card Booster Packs                Now            $ 3.29
Fossil Preconstructed Theme Decks           Now            $ 9.99
(Bodyguard and Lock Down)
Fossil 11-Card Booster Packs                Now            $ 3.29
Starter Gift Box                            Now            $24.99
Collector's Album (large)                   Now            $12.99
Collector's Album (small)                   Now            $ 7.99

Pokemon Treat Keepers                       Now            $  4.99
Pokemon Micro Bubbles                       November 1999  $  2.99
Pokemon Pop Cover Asst.                     December 1999  $  1.99
Pokemon Collector Asst.                     December 1999  $  1.99
Pokemon Spin Pop Asst.                      December 1999  $  3.99

Note to Editors: Pokeman has an accent mark over the "e." This symbol may not appear in some systems.