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SEC Filings

DANA INC filed this Form 8-K on 01/17/2018
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Significant improvements across all key financial metrics Sales guidance exceeds prior long term financial targets one year early largely due to pace of market recovery Adjusted EBITDA guidance exceeds prior 2019 targets by $15M while margin progresses nicely towards 12.8% target Cash flow guidance continues to progress towards 5% target as profits grow and capital expenditures return to ambient levels Diluted adjusted EPS benefits by $0.10 as a result of U.S. tax reform See appendix for comments regarding the presentation of non-GAAP measures Sales Adjusted EBITDA / Margin Free Cash Flow Diluted Adjusted EPS ~$7.6B ~$935M ~3.5% ~$2.75 +/- $100M +$400M vs 2017P, 6% growth ~12.3% +/- $25M / 20 bps +$100M vs 2017P, 12% growth +/- 30 bps +150 bps vs 2017T +/- $0.15 +$0.35 vs 2017T 2018 Guidance P=Preliminary; T=Target 19