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SEC Filings

DANA INC filed this Form 8-K on 01/17/2018
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2017 Preliminary Financial Results Preliminary results largely in-line with expectations Sales met prior long term financial targets two years earlier than anticipated as market recovery exceeded original expectations Adjusted EBITDA growth largely driven by profit conversion on market recovery and sales backlog Margin growth impeded by one time gains in 2016 as well as pre-synergy conversion of M&A Free cash flow expected near mid to upper end of previous guidance range on strong conversion of profit growth into cash See appendix for comments regarding the presentation of non-GAAP measures Sales Adjusted EBITDA Margin Free Cash Flow % of Sales* ~$7.2B ~$835M ~11.6% ~2% +$1.4B vs 2016, 24% growth +$175M vs 2016, 27% growth More than doubled vs 2016 +30 bps vs 2016, +80 bps vs 2015 *2017 Target 16