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Investor Relations

Caring About Our Shareholders

When we care for our Company, our Customers and our Associates, We know that our Shareholders receive the best results.

  • We've built a strong reputation on Wall Street with our excellent track record, superior balance sheet and our unique ability to identify and capitalize on market inefficiencies.
  • At Lennar, we have always placed a primary focus on the Lennar “process.”
  • On a daily basis, our Management Team is hands on and focused on core operations.
  • From our daily Plant Meetings in each Division, to our quarterly Operations Reviews across the country, we are continuously reviewing and re-reviewing the environment.
  • And through our discipline of Review-Do-Review we are constantly adjusting our business and adapting our operations to changes in the market as they present themselves.
  • As we look ahead, the Associates of Lennar will continue to work diligently to be properly positioned for the future.