Financial Fundamentals - Annual Cash Flow

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Period Ended06/30/1706/30/1606/30/1506/30/1406/30/13
In millions of USD
(except for per share items)
Net Income / Starting Line3.009.485.15.93-.12
Depreciation / Depletion8.266.686.336.237.20
Deferred Taxes-.78-1.12-.23.86.26
Unusual Items-.
Other Non-Cash Items5.365.
Non-Cash Items4.965.184.433.073.17
Accounts Receivable4.95-3.37-1.633.23-1.54
Prepaid Expenses.01-.27-.15.53-.04
Accounts Payable2.28-1.13.911.23.92
Accrued Expenses-
Changes in Working Capital5.59-2.445.25.48-1.66
Cash from Operating Activities21.0317.7920.9311.568.85
Purchase of Fixed Assets-6.63-10.21-4.75-5.25-7.57
Capital Expenditures-6.63-10.21-4.75-5.25-7.57
Acquisition of Business-95.08------.00
Sale of Business--.001.49----
Sale of Fixed Assets3.
Other Investing Cash Flow Items, Total-
Cash from Investing Activities-98.62-10.14-2.25-4.99-7.53
Cash Dividends Paid - Common-5.05-4.21-2.90-5.78-8.65
Total Cash Dividends Paid-5.05-4.21-2.90-5.78-8.65
Sale / Issuance of Common.
Repurchase / Retirement of Common-.49-.36-.21-.19-.18
Common Stock, Net-.28-.02.77-.12-.15
Options Exercised2.614.
Issuance (Retirement) of Stock, Net2.344.
Long Term Debt Issued90.78--------
Long Term Debt Reduction-41.28------.00
Long Term Debt, Net49.50------.00
Issuance (Retirement) of Debt, Net49.50------.00
Cash from Financing Activities46.79-.22-1.28-5.51-8.62
Net Change in Cash-30.807.4317.401.06-7.31
Net Cash - Beginning Balance33.8426.419.017.9515.26
Net Cash - Ending Balance3.0433.8426.419.017.95
Cash Interest Paid.
Cash Taxes Paid2.625.081.08.983.40
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