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SEC Filings / Section 16 Reports

BECTON DICKINSON & CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 12/03/2018
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Early retirement under U.S. plans. An associate is eligible to retire early and commence benefit payments if the associate is at least age 55 and has at least 10 years of credited service. Participants may commence payment of benefits under the cash balance formula prior to early retirement eligibility at any age if the participant terminates with at least three years of service.
Under the cash balance provisions, the amount of the associate’s benefit will be the associate’s vested account balance on the early retirement date. The associate may elect to begin payment of the account balance on the early retirement date or delay payment until the normal retirement date (age 65).
For participants who formerly participated in the final average pay formula and were converted to cash balance, the portion of the cash balance account attributable to the converted final average pay benefit is compared to the final average pay benefit accrued through the date of conversion under the final average formula. The result that produces the higher benefit is payable.
Form of benefit under U.S. plans. Participants may elect to receive their benefits in various forms. Participants may select a single life annuity, in which pension payments will be payable only during the associate’s lifetime, or, if married, a joint and survivor annuity. Associates may also elect to receive their benefits in a single lump sum payment. Under the final average pay provisions, this lump sum is actuarially equivalent to the benefit payable under the single life annuity option. Under the cash balance provisions, the lump sum is equal to the associate’s account balance.
Deferred compensation
Cash deferrals. The Restoration Plan also allows an eligible BD associate to defer receipt of up to 75% of salary and/or up to 100% of a PIP award until the date or dates elected by the associate. The amounts deferred are invested in a BD common stock account or in cash accounts that mirror the gains and/or losses of several different publicly available investment funds, based on the investment selections of the participants. The investment risk is borne solely by the participant. Participants are entitled to change their investment elections at any time with respect to prior deferrals, future deferrals or both. The investment options available to participants may be changed by BD at any time.
Deferral of equity awards. The Restoration Plan also allows associates to defer receipt of up to 100% of the shares issuable under their Performance Units and TVUs. These deferred shares are allocated to the participant’s BD stock account and must stay in such account until they are distributed.
Withdrawals and distributions. Participants may elect to receive deferred amounts either during their employment or following termination of employment. Participants may elect to receive distributions in installments or in a lump sum. Except in an unforeseen emergency, participants may not withdraw deferred amounts prior to their scheduled distribution date.
Matching contributions. BD provides matching contributions on cash amounts deferred under the Restoration Plan. These contributions are made in the first calendar quarter following the calendar year in which the compensation was deferred. BD matches 75% of the first 6% of salary and PIP award deferred by a participant under the Restoration Plan, subject to certain limits.
Unfunded liability. BD is not required to make any contributions to the Restoration Plan with respect to its obligations to pay deferred compensation. BD has unrestricted use of any cash amounts deferred by participants. Participants have an unsecured contractual commitment from BD to pay the amounts due under the Restoration Plan. When such payments are due, the cash and/or stock will be distributed from BD’s general assets. BD has purchased corporate-owned life insurance that mirrors the returns on cash amounts deferred under the plan to substantially offset this liability.
Account information. The following table sets forth information regarding activity during fiscal year 2018 in the Restoration Plan accounts maintained by the named executive officers.