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SEC Filings / Section 16 Reports

BECTON DICKINSON & CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 12/03/2018
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Deferred Compensation—Earnings on nonqualified deferred compensation are not included in this column, because no named executive officer earned above-market or preferential earnings (as defined in the rules of the SEC) on nonqualified deferred compensation during the fiscal years shown. Information on the named executive officers’ nonqualified deferred compensation accounts is on page 46.
All Other Compensation. Amounts shown for fiscal year 2018 include the following:
Vincent A.
Christopher R.
Patrick K.
Samrat S.
Thomas E.
Matching contributions under plans





Matching charitable gifts





Term life insurance





Relocation assistance










The following is a description of these benefits:
Matching contributions under plans—The amounts shown reflect matching contributions made by BD pursuant to our defined contribution plans.
Matching charitable gifts—The amounts shown are matching contributions made (or committed to be made) through the BD and Bard matching gift programs, under which BD matches contributions made to qualifying non-profit organizations.
Term life insurance—BD provides incremental term life insurance benefits to Mr. Forlenza beyond those provided to BD associates generally. The amounts shown reflect the dollar value of the insurance premiums paid by BD for this incremental insurance.
Relocation Assistance—BD provided Mr. Kaltenbach with mortgage subsidy assistance of $8,239 and tax assistance of $570 in connection with his hire.
Corporate aircraft. Pursuant to a policy adopted by the Board of Directors, Mr. Forlenza is encouraged to use BD aircraft for personal and business travel. The value of his personal use of BD aircraft is measured by the incremental variable costs incurred by BD in connection with his personal flights that are not reimbursed by him. These variable costs include fuel, trip-related maintenance, crew travel expenses, on-board catering, and landing and parking fees. If the aircraft flies empty before picking up or after dropping off Mr. Forlenza at a destination on a personal flight, the cost of the empty flight is included in the incremental cost. Since BD aircraft are used predominantly for business purposes, we do not include fixed costs that do not change in amount based on usage, such as depreciation and pilot salaries.
Mr. Forlenza has entered into a time-sharing arrangement under which he makes time-share payments to BD for the personal use of BD aircraft. The payments are for the maximum amount permitted by Federal Aviation Administration regulations without subjecting BD to regulation as a charter carrier. Mr. Forlenza is responsible for the payment of any tax on any income imputed to him as a result of his personal use of corporate aircraft. For 2018, Mr. Forlenza’s time-share payments exceeded BD’s incremental costs relating to his personal flights. Accordingly, no value is shown for his personal flights in the Summary Compensation Table.
Compensation for fiscal years 2016 and 2017 are not shown for Messrs. Kaltenbach and Khichi because they were not named executive officers of BD in those fiscal years.

Represents amount paid pursuant to Mr. Kaltenbach's sign-on agreement.

Represents retention payment made to Mr. Khichi.