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SEC Filings / Section 16 Reports

BECTON DICKINSON & CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 12/03/2018
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Pledging and hedging policy
We have a policy that prohibits our directors and associates from pledging BD shares, or engaging in options, puts, calls or other transactions that are intended to hedge against the economic risk of owning BD shares.
Equity award policy
The Compensation Committee has adopted a policy that prohibits the backdating of any equity compensation award and requires our annual equity compensation awards and any “off-cycle” awards approved by our CEO to be made on fixed dates. The policy also prohibits manipulating the timing of either the public release of information or the grant of an award in order to increase the value of an award. Under the policy, the exercise price of any stock option or SAR award will be the closing price of BD stock on the grant date.
Tax considerations
Section 162(m) of the Internal Revenue Code precludes BD from taking a federal income tax deduction for compensation paid in excess of $1 million to our “covered employees” (which includes the CEO and our three other most highly-compensated executive officers, other than the Chief Financial Officer, for years prior to 2018). Prior to 2018 (and including tax years that began prior to January 1, 2018), this limitation did not apply to “performance-based” compensation. While the Compensation Committee has generally attempted to maximize the tax deductibility of executive compensation, the Compensation Committee believes that the primary purpose of our compensation program is to support BD’s business strategy and the long-term interests of our shareholders. Therefore, the Compensation Committee has maintained the flexibility to award compensation that may not be tax-deductible if doing so furthers the objectives of our executive compensation program.
Under the recent U.S. tax reform, the exception to Section 162(m) for performance-based compensation has been repealed for tax years beginning after December 31, 2017, subject to certain transition and grandfathering rules. In addition, the Chief Financial Officer will be included as a covered employee.   Despite these new limits on the deductibility of performance-based compensation, the Compensation Committee continues to believe that a significant portion of our named executive officers’ compensation should be tied to BD’s performance. Therefore, it is not anticipated that the changes to Section 162(m) will significantly impact the design of our compensation program going forward.
This Compensation Discussion and Analysis section includes a discussion of performance targets in the limited context of our executive compensation program. These targets are not statements of management’s expectations of our future results or other guidance. Investors should not use or evaluate these targets in any other context or for any other purpose.