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SEC Filings / Section 16 Reports

BECTON DICKINSON & CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 12/03/2018
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PIP Awards
The PIP provides our executives an opportunity to receive a cash award for BD’s performance for the fiscal year and their contribution to that performance, as part of our pay-for-performance philosophy.
Award targets
Target PIP awards for the named executive officers are expressed as a percentage of base salary earned during the year. The “Grants of Plan-Based Awards in Fiscal Year 2018” table on page 39 shows the range of possible awards under the PIP for 2018, based on certain assumptions.
The factors considered when setting actual PIP awards include BD’s overall performance against the pre-set performance targets and the resulting available funding (discussed below), the executive’s target award and the executive’s individual performance. Our CEO’s performance is measured against the individual goals for the year established by the independent directors. For our other named executive officers, performance is measured against the performance objectives set for the businesses, regions or functions they oversee. In each case, the performance objectives for a named executive officer involve a combination of quantitative and qualitative goals. However, no specific formula or weighting of individual performance objectives is used to determine a named executive officer’s PIP award, nor is the achievement of any particular individual performance objective a condition to receiving an award. Instead, the Compensation Committee and the independent directors use their business judgment to determine what it believes is an appropriate PIP award to recognize BD’s performance and the executive’s contribution to that performance.
Funding for awards
Available funding for PIP awards is determined by a formula. For each measure, the Compensation Committee reviews how BD performed against the target goal set by the Compensation Committee in order to arrive at a performance factor for that measure.
For the revenue target, for every 1% of performance above target, funding with respect to that measure is increased 22.5% above target (up to a maximum of 190%), and for every 1% below target, funding decreases 12.5% below target (to a minimum of 50%).
For the Adjusted EPS and free cash flow targets, for every 1% of performance above target, funding with respect to that measure is increased 5% above target (up to a maximum of 150%), and for every 1% below target, funding decreases 2.5% below target (to a minimum of 75% for Adjusted EPS and 50% for free cash flow).
For revenues, performance below 96% of target results in no funding for the revenue measure, while performance below 90% of the Adjusted EPS target and 80% of the free cash flow target, respectively, results in no funding for those measures.
The performance factors for the three measures are then weighted to arrive at an overall funding factor. Actual awards, as a percentage of a named executive officer’s target, may be more or less than the overall funding factor. To determine the funding factor, revenues and Adjusted EPS are each weighted 40%, and the free cash flow metric is weighted 20%. The funding formula for the revenue target has a steeper incremental payout curve than for the other two measures. This is intended to better align the incentives under the PIP with our business strategy by increasing management focus on revenue growth and rewarding higher levels of revenue performance.
When comparing BD’s operating results to the performance targets, the Compensation Committee has the discretion to adjust BD’s results to account for unbudgeted acquisitions and divestitures during the year, and for other unbudgeted items that are not considered part of our ordinary operations. This ensures that business decisions are made based on what management believes is in the best interests of BD, rather than the possible effects on compensation. It also ensures that our executives are not unfairly penalized by or rewarded for these types of events.