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SEC Filings / Section 16 Reports

BECTON DICKINSON & CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 12/03/2018
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Comparison Group Data
Revenue for the
twelve months ended
September 30, 2018
(in millions)
Market capitalization
on September 30, 2018
(in millions)
25th Percentile




75th Percentile




BD Percentile Rank

We attempt to set the compensation of the named executive officers at levels that are competitive with the compensation (salary, annual cash incentive and equity compensation) paid to persons holding the same or similar positions at the companies listed above, using available market comparison data regarding these companies as a guide. The Compensation Committee (and the independent directors, as a group, in the case of our CEO) generally seek to set the compensation of our named executive officers for each of these elements within a competitive range of the median of this group, assuming payout of performance-based compensation at target. The use of market comparison data, however, is just one of the tools used to determine executive compensation, and the Compensation Committee and the independent directors retain the flexibility to set target compensation at levels deemed appropriate for an individual or for a specific element of compensation. Based on the market data provided by Pay Governance, the Compensation Committee believes that the total target compensation set for the named executive officers in 2018 generally approximated median competitive levels.
Because each compensation element is reviewed individually, compensation decisions made with respect to one element of compensation generally do not affect decisions made with respect to other elements. It is also for this reason that no specific formula is used to determine the allocation between cash and equity compensation, although it is the Compensation Committee’s intent that equity compensation represent the largest portion of total target compensation. In addition, because an executive’s compensation target is set by reference to persons with similar duties at peer companies, we do not establish any fixed relationship between the amount of compensation paid to our CEO and that paid to the other named executive officers.
The use of tally sheets
The Compensation Committee is from time-to-time provided a “tally sheet” report prepared by management for named executive officers. The tally sheet includes, among other things, total annual compensation, the value of unexercised or unvested equity compensation awards, and amounts payable upon termination of employment under various scenarios, including retirement or following a change in control. The Compensation Committee uses these tally sheets to gain additional perspective on the value the executives have accumulated from prior equity awards and plan accruals and their retentive value.