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SEC Filings / Section 16 Reports

BECTON DICKINSON & CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 12/03/2018
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The primary objective of the BD compensation program is to fully support the strategic business goal of delivering superior long-term shareholder returns through sustained revenue growth, earnings per share growth, return on capital and other metrics. As such, we intend to ensure a high degree of alignment between pay and the long-term value and financial soundness of BD. The Compensation Committee has established the following compensation principles to meet this objective:
Aligning the interests of executives and shareholders
Through equity compensation and equity retention guidelines for executives, we seek to align the interests of executives with those of BD’s shareholders. Equity compensation represents the largest portion of our compensation structure in terms of target value.
     •    Linking rewards to performance
We maintain a pay-for-performance philosophy based on actual performance against clear, measurable company performance targets, particularly those metrics that support the creation of long-term shareholder value.
     •    Delivering superior business and financial results
Performance targets are set to reward executives for achieving short- and long-term results in line with our objective of enhancing long-term shareholder value. In setting short-term goals and in rewarding performance, we will take care to ensure that we do not create incentives to take inappropriate risks.
     •    Offering a competitive compensation structure
We have established and intend to maintain a competitive structure that supports the recruitment and retention of high-performing executives essential to driving the business results required to execute our strategy and create long-term value for shareholders. This structure is determined, in part, by evaluating peer group data provided and analyzed by the Compensation Committee’s independent consultant, Pay Governance.
     •    Maintaining a transparent compensation structure
The Compensation Committee strives to provide absolute transparency to executives, employees and shareholders of all aspects of BD’s compensation and benefits structure. This includes disclosure of performance targets, payout formulas, details of other earned benefits and the Compensation Committee’s use of discretion in determining award payouts.
     •    Maintaining Compensation Committee independence
The Compensation Committee is made up exclusively of independent directors and utilizes an independent compensation consultant, Pay Governance, which, by Compensation Committee policy, is prohibited from performing any services for BD or its management without the Compensation Committee’s prior approval.
     •    Retaining prerogative to adjust programs
The Compensation Committee retains the prerogative to change or modify BD’s compensation and benefit programs to reflect prevailing economic, market or company financial conditions.
The Compensation Committee has reviewed and discussed the Compensation Discussion and Analysis with management and, based on such review and discussions, has recommended to the Board of Directors that the Compensation Discussion and Analysis be included in BD’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2018 and in this proxy statement.
Marshall O. Larsen—Chair
Jeffrey W. Henderson
Christopher Jones
Gary A. Mecklenburg
David F. Melcher
Bertram L. Scott