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SEC Filings / Section 16 Reports

BECTON DICKINSON & CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 12/03/2018
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During 2018, BD engaged a unit of Fidelity, which beneficially owns over 5% of BD’s common stock, to serve as the record keeper of certain BD plans, for which services BD paid approximately $800,000. This transaction was not required to be approved under the Policy, since Fidelity is considered a passive investor in BD under the Policy.
Code of Conduct
BD maintains a Code of Conduct that is applicable to all directors, officers and associates of BD, including its CEO, Chief Financial Officer, principal accounting officer and other senior financial officers. It sets forth BD’s policies and expectations on a number of topics, including conflicts of interest, confidentiality, compliance with laws (including insider trading laws), preservation and use of BD’s assets, and business ethics. The Code of Conduct also sets forth procedures for the communicating and handling of any potential conflict of interest (or the appearance of any conflict of interest) involving directors or executive officers, and for the confidential communication and handling of issues regarding accounting, internal control and auditing matters.
BD also maintains an Ethics Help Line telephone number (the “Help Line”) for BD associates as a means of raising concerns or seeking advice. The Help Line is serviced by an independent contractor and is available to all associates worldwide. Associates using the Help Line may choose to remain anonymous and all inquiries are kept confidential to the extent practicable in connection with the investigation of an inquiry. All Help Line inquiries are forwarded to BD’s Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer for investigation. The Audit Committee is informed of any matters reported to the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, whether through the Help Line or otherwise, involving accounting, internal control or auditing matters, or any fraud involving management or persons who have a significant role in BD’s internal controls.
In addition to the Help Line, BD’s ethics program provides for broad communication of BD’s Core Values, associate education regarding the Code of Conduct and its requirements, and ethics training sessions.
Any waivers from any provisions of the Code of Conduct for executive officers and directors will be promptly disclosed to shareholders. In addition, certain amendments to the Code of Conduct, as well as any waivers from certain provisions of the Code of Conduct given to BD’s CEO, Chief Financial Officer or principal accounting officer, will be posted at the website address set forth below.
The Code of Conduct is available on BD’s website at Printed copies of the Code of Conduct may be obtained, without charge, by contacting the Corporate Secretary, Becton, Dickinson and Company, 1 Becton Drive, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey 07417-1880, phone 201-847-6800.