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SEC Filings / Section 16 Reports

BECTON DICKINSON & CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 12/03/2018
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Shareholder engagement
Our relationship with our shareholders and their views about BD are important to us, and the Board recognizes the value of director engagement with BD’s major shareholders. To that end, the Board has established a process by which shareholders can request direct engagement with our non-management directors regarding executive compensation, corporate governance, board and CEO succession, risk management oversight and other matters within the purview of the Board. This process can be found on our website at The Board may also initiate direct communications with BD shareholders at any time, in its discretion.
Annual Report of Charitable Contributions
In furtherance of BD’s commitment to good governance and disclosure practices, the Principles require that BD’s charitable contributions or pledges in an aggregate amount of $50,000 or more in any fiscal year (not including contributions under BD’s Matching Gift Program) to entities with which BD’s directors and executive officers, or their families, are affiliated must be approved by the Governance Committee. In addition, BD posts on its website, at, an Annual Report of Charitable Contributions (the “Contributions Report”) listing all contributions and pledges made by BD during the preceding fiscal year in an amount of $10,000 or more to organizations affiliated with any director or executive officer. The Contributions Report includes a discussion of BD’s contributions philosophy and the alignment of BD’s philanthropic activities with this philosophy.
Enterprise compliance
Under the oversight of the Audit Committee, BD’s enterprise compliance function seeks to ensure that BD has policies and procedures designed to prevent and detect violations of the many laws, regulations and policies affecting our business, and that BD continuously encourages lawful and ethical conduct. BD’s enterprise compliance function supplements the various compliance and ethics functions that are also in place at BD, and seeks to ensure better coordination and effectiveness through program design, prevention, and promotion of an organizational culture of compliance. A committee comprised of members of senior management oversees these activities. Another key element of this program is training. This includes a global on-line compliance training program focused on BD’s Code of Conduct, as well as other courses covering various compliance topics such as antitrust, anti-bribery, conflicts of interest, financial integrity, industry marketing codes and information security.
Political contributions
We prohibit the use of BD corporate funds to support any candidate, political party, ballot measure or referendum campaign, unless an exception is approved by the CEO and the General Counsel. To date, no exceptions have been sought or approved. If an exception is approved, it may only be granted without regard to the personal political affiliations or views of any individual BD associate at any level across the organization.
As permitted under U.S. law, BD operates a political action committee. The BD PAC is a mechanism to enable eligible U.S. associates to voluntarily support candidates for elected office who share BD’s perspectives and approaches to public policy issues. BD provides administrative support to the PAC, as permitted under federal law.
In all cases, BD policy prohibits directors and employees from using company resources to promote their personal political views, causes or candidates, and specifies that the company will not directly or indirectly reimburse any personal political contributions or expenses.
BD is a member of numerous trade associations that provide a venue for the medical technology sector to work together to advocate its position on issues that impact our industry. In the U.S., the major associations of which BD is a member include AdvaMed and AdvaMedDx, the Healthcare Institute of New Jersey and the California Life Sciences Association. We have informed our major U.S. trade associations that they are not permitted to use any BD fees to support any candidate, political party, ballot measure or referendum campaign, unless approved by BD’s CEO and General Counsel.