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SEC Filings / Section 16 Reports

BECTON DICKINSON & CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 12/03/2018
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factors considered were the mix of cash and equity compensation, and of fixed and variable compensation, paid to our associates; the balance between short- and long-term objectives in our incentive compensation; the performance targets, mix of performance metrics, vesting periods, threshold performance requirements and funding formulas related to our incentive compensation; the degree to which programs are formulaic or provide discretion to determine payout amounts; caps on payouts; our clawback and share ownership policies; and our general governance structure. Based on this review, we believe that our compensation policies and practices do not create risks that are reasonably likely to have a material adverse effect on BD.

Director nomination process
Role of the Governance Committee
The Governance Committee reviews potential director candidates and recommends nominees for director to the full Board for its consideration. In making its recommendations, the Governance Committee assesses the overall composition of the Board, including diversity, skills, background, experience and prominence in areas of importance to BD. The Board seeks to achieve among its members a diversity of viewpoint, experience, knowledge, ethnicity and gender that fits the current and future needs of the Board.
It is the Governance Committee’s policy to consider referrals of prospective director nominees for the Board from other Board members and management, as well as shareholders and other external sources, such as retained executive search firms. The Governance Committee seeks to identify a diverse range of qualified candidates, including, without limitation, women and minority candidates. The Governance Committee utilizes the same criteria for evaluating candidates, irrespective of their source.
When considering potential director candidates, the Governance Committee will seek individuals with backgrounds and qualities that, when combined with those of BD’s other directors, provide a blend of skills and experience that will further enhance the Board’s effectiveness. The Governance Committee believes that any nominee for director must meet the following minimum qualifications:
Candidates should be persons of high integrity who possess independence, forthrightness, inquisitiveness, good judgment and strong analytical skills.
Candidates should demonstrate a commitment to devote the time required for Board duties, including, but not limited to, attendance at meetings.
Candidates should be team-oriented and committed to the interests of all shareholders as opposed to those of any particular constituency.
The Governance Committee assesses the characteristics and performance of incumbent director nominees against the above criteria as well, and, to the extent applicable, considers the impact of any change in the principal occupations of such directors during the last year. To aid in this process, the Governance Committee solicits feedback on each incumbent director from all the other directors on the Board. Upon completion of its assessment, the Governance Committee reports its recommendations for nominations to the full Board.
In August 2018, the Board elected Jeffrey W. Henderson to the Board. Mr. Henderson was identified by a third-party search firm. The role of the search firm is to assist the Governance Committee by identifying a pool of potential director candidates based on the specifications provided by the Governance Committee, and evaluating candidates recommended by other members of the Board or management. The firm reviews the potential candidates with the Governance Committee, performs outreach to candidates selected from the pool to assess interest and availability, conducts reference checks and arranges candidate interviews with members of the Governance Committee and our CEO and President. Prior to a candidate’s election, the candidate also meets with the other members of the Board. The search firm also provides a background check on the candidate before a final recommendation is made to the Board.