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Nextel Recognizes Wireless Safety Week with Customers' Stories of Heroism and Wireless Safety Tips
Wireless Communication Proves Useful in Critical Situations; Nextel Users Share Firsthand Experiences, 'Good Samaritan' Safety Tips for Customers

RESTON, Va., May 26, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- In observance of Wireless Safety Week, Nextel Communications Inc. (NASDAQ:NXTL) recognizes the stories of its customers, who survived natural disasters, saved lives and averted tragic situations with the use of their Nextel(R) wireless phones. And to remind everyone to use wireless technology responsibly, Nextel offers a number of wireless safety tips to keep in mind this week, and all year long.

"At critical times, it's the courageous and timely actions of individuals that ultimately make a difference in the outcome of a situation," said Greg Meacham, Nextel's vice president of federal programs and homeland security. "Ordinary individuals can do extraordinary things when they remain calm during times of crisis. We are proud to recognize the actions of our customers and the role wireless communications plays in helping save lives."

In the past year alone, Nextel received thousands of letters from customers whose wireless devices empowered them to help others, and themselves, in emergencies. From calling 911 to utilizing Direct Connect(R)--Nextel's long-range digital walkie-talkie feature--to warn others of danger, these good Samaritans have performed heroic acts and demonstrated the importance of generating awareness for Wireless Safety Week.

    Some examples include:

    --  Beatrice Standridge, Kansas City, Kan.--Beatrice Standridge's
        niece and her family are alive today because of quick thinking
        and Nextel's instant walkie-talkie service. Beatrice and her
        husband of Kansas City, Kan., were watching the news in their
        basement during a severe storm and saw that a tornado was
        headed straight towards their niece's home, which had lost
        power in the storm. Beatrice's husband used Nextel's
        walkie-talkie service to alert her niece's husband and family
        to stay in the basement and that a tornado was bearing down on
        them. Beatrice's niece and family survived the tornado because
        of the warning, but their house and most of their belongings
        were lost.

        "If they didn't have their Nextel phones, I know that things
        would have been more disastrous, maybe even fatal."

    --  Mark Vargo, Three Rivers, Mich.--For Mark Vargo, a neighbor's
        frantic Direct Connect call prompted him to rush to her aid
        after she suffered an allergic reaction from a bee sting. With
        only seconds to act, Mark utilized multiple features on his
        Nextel phone to get help quickly. Direct Connect(SM)
        walkie-talkie service allowed Mark's neighbor to contact him
        instantly, while Nextel's cellular service helped Mark get
        through to 911 immediately. And by using the Address Book
        feature on his neighbor's phone, Mark was able to have
        immediate access to important contacts, without ever leaving
        her side.

        "All the functions of our Nextel phones came into play that
        day; every second counted."

    --  Gary Flaskegaard, Hampton, Va.--Following the devastating
        impact of Hurricane Isabelle, Gary Flaskegaard returned to his
        home in Hampton, Va. to assess the damages and begin cleanup.
        He soon realized that the only phone service that worked was
        Nextel, and he became the unofficial operator for friends,
        neighbors and total strangers.

        "No phone service other than Nextel worked for about five
        days, so I ended up being the island operator for people. Even
        FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) asked to
        use my phone."

The power and benefit of communication in a time of crisis is invaluable. Each day 150,000 calls around the country are placed to emergency personnel from wireless phones. Nextel offers the following general safety tips to help ensure everyone uses their wireless devices safely and securely:

    --  Program your phone with emergency contact numbers.

    --  Dial 911 in the event of an emergency and be prepared to give
        specific location information. Calls to 911 on Nextel are free
        of charge.

    --  Make sure your phone batteries are fully charged and free from

    --  Use Push To Talk(SM) walkie-talkie service for instant
        communication on a Nextel(R) phone.

    --  Use location based services empowered by Nextel's GPS enabled
        phones to provide monitoring and tracking capabilities for
        safety and security purposes.

Nextel encourages all wireless phone users to drive smart and talk safely. Your Nextel wireless phone is a great communications tool. You can instantly call for help in emergencies or alert your next appointment that you're running late. Here are some important safety tips for drivers:

    --  Give driving your full attention. Don't let anything interfere
        with your concentration.

    --  Assess road conditions before making or taking a call.

    --  Let voice mail pick up when it's inconvenient or unsafe to
        answer the phone.

    --  Program your most frequently dialed numbers into your phone
        for speed dialing, have a passenger dial for you or use voice
        activated dialing.

    --  Position your phone where it is easy to see and reach.

    --  Keep your eyes on the road. Never take notes while driving.

    --  Consider using a hands-free speakerphone or hands-free
        accessory, which allows you to keep both hands on the wheel
        when speaking.

    --  Use your phone's Internet capabilities and java applications
        before you drive, or while parked.

    --  Be a Good Samaritan. Dial 911 in emergencies to report
        accidents, impaired or aggressive drivers, crimes or fires.
        It's a free call. Know your Nextel phone number so emergency
        services personnel can call you back if necessary.

Nextel observes Wireless Safety Week to focus attention on the important issue of public safety. Nextel reminds everyone of the important role wireless plays in both personal and public safety, encourages the responsible use of wireless technology while driving, and highlights "Wireless Samaritans" who have used their wireless phones to assist in emergency situations. Nextel is proud to be a part of this important safety outreach that is highlighted annually in May but practiced all year long.

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