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ICONIX BRAND GROUP, INC. filed this Form PRE 14A on 04/01/2019
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·Although the Board believes that a higher stock price may help generate the interest of new investors, the reverse stock split may not result in a per-share price that will successfully attract certain types of investors, and such resulting share price may not satisfy the investing guidelines of institutional investors or investment funds. Further, other factors, such as our financial results, market conditions and the market perception of our business, may adversely affect the interest of new investors in the shares of our Common Stock. As a result, the trading liquidity of the shares of our Common Stock may not improve as a result of the reverse stock split, and there can be no assurance that the reverse stock split, if completed, will result in the intended benefits described above.
·The reverse stock split could be viewed negatively by the market, and other factors, such as those described above, may adversely affect the market price of the shares of our Common Stock. Consequently, the market price per post-reverse stock split shares may not increase in proportion to the reduction of the number of shares of our Common Stock outstanding before the implementation of the reverse stock split. Accordingly, the total market capitalization of our shares of Common Stock after the reverse stock split may be lower than the total market capitalization before the reverse stock split.
·The reverse stock split may result in some stockholders owning “odd lots” of less than 100 shares of Common Stock. Odd lot shares may be more difficult to sell, and brokerage commissions and other costs of transactions in odd lots are generally somewhat higher than the costs of transactions in “round lots” of even multiples of 100 shares.


Book-Entry Shares


All of our outstanding Common Stock is uncertificated, or held in book-entry form (i.e., shares not represented by a physical stock certificate). If the reverse stock split is effected, stockholders who hold uncertificated shares, either as direct or beneficial owners, will have their holdings electronically adjusted automatically by our transfer agent (and, for beneficial owners, by their brokers or banks that hold in “street name” for their benefit, as the case may be) to give effect to the reverse stock split. Stockholders who hold uncertificated shares as direct owners will be sent a statement of holding from our transfer agent that indicates the number of post-reverse stock split shares of our Common Stock owned in book-entry form.


Principal Effects of Reverse Stock Split on Outstanding Options, Outstanding Convertible Debt, and Option Plan


As of December 31, 2018, as adjusted for the completion of the Reverse Stock Split, there were outstanding stock options to purchase an aggregate of 1,500 shares of our Common Stock with a weighted average exercise price of $171.60 per share. In addition, as of December 31, 2018, we had approximately $109.7 million in aggregate principal balance of our 5.75% convertible notes outstanding entitling the holders thereof to acquire approximately 6.4 million shares of our Common Stock (as adjusted for the completion of the Reverse Stock Split). In addition, if our convertible debt is converted before maturity, the Company would be required to pay a make-whole amount to the holders thereof in respect of future interest payments, which may be payable in additional shares of Common Stock. When the reverse stock split becomes effective, the number of shares of Common Stock covered by such rights will be reduced to between and including one-    th and one-    th of the number currently covered (rounded up to the nearest whole number), and the exercise or conversion price per share will be increased by between and including      and      times the current exercise or conversion price (rounded down to the nearest $0.01), resulting in the same aggregate price being required to be paid therefor upon exercise or conversion thereof as was required immediately preceding the reverse stock split.


In addition, the number of shares of our Common Stock available for grant under, and the number of shares of our Common Stock subject to stock options or other rights authorized under, the Company’s equity incentive plan will automatically be proportionately adjusted for the reverse stock split ratio, such that fewer shares will be subject to such plans and awards. Further, the per share exercise price under such awards will automatically be proportionately adjusted for the reverse stock split.


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