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ICONIX BRAND GROUP, INC. filed this Form PRE 14A on 04/01/2019
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Post-termination compensation   We had previously entered into employment agreements with each of our named executive officers (other than Mr. Wood), which were replaced by participation agreements to our Executive Severance Plan (as described herein) in 2017, other than for Mr. Galvin, who entered into an employment agreement with the Company on October 15, 2018, Mr. Haugh, whose employment agreement continued to be in effect until his departure from the Company as of June 15, 2018, and Mr. Cuneo, with whom we entered into a new employment agreement on June 15, 2018. Each such employment agreement and the participation agreements related to the Executive Severance Plan provide for certain payments and other benefits if the executive’s employment is terminated under certain circumstances, including, in the event of a “change in control.” As noted above, we amended our 2009 Plan to implement “double-trigger” change in control provisions with respect to equity grants. Our 2016 Plan also contains “double-trigger” change in control provisions. These provisions provide that, upon a change in control, as defined in the 2016 Plan, in the event that a successor company assumes or substitutes awards under the 2016 Plan, unvested equity awards do not accelerate unless, within twenty-four (24) months following such change in control, the 2016 Plan participant is terminated without cause or leaves for good reason. However, if a successor company in the change in control does not assume or substitute awards under the 2016 Plan, then all outstanding awards would immediately vest. See “Employment Agreements and Executive Severance Plan Participation Agreements” on page 19 for a description of the severance and change in control benefits pursuant to Mr. Galvin’s employment agreement, Mr. Haugh’s employment agreement, Mr. Cuneo’s employment agreement and the Executive Severance Plan participation agreements for Messrs. Jones and Schaefer.
401(k) Retirement Plan   The Company offers a qualified employer-sponsored retirement plan pursuant to which named executive officers may make salary-deferral contributions to on a pretax basis. Eligibility in the plan is upon hire and the Company matches up to 6% of the first 25% of contributions by an employee.


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