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ICONIX BRAND GROUP, INC. filed this Form PRE 14A on 04/01/2019
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Broker “non-votes” are not counted in the tabulations of the votes cast on proposals that constitute “non-routine” or “non-discretionary” matters because stockholders are not considered to be entitled to vote on matters as to which broker authority is withheld. Broker non-votes occur when a beneficial owner of shares held in “street name” does not give instructions to the broker or nominee holding the shares as to how to vote on matters deemed “non-routine.” Generally, if shares are held in street name, the beneficial owner of the shares is entitled to give voting instructions to the broker or nominee holding the shares. If the beneficial owner does not provide voting instructions, the broker or nominee can still vote the shares with respect to matters that are considered to be “routine,” but not with respect to “non-routine” matters. Accordingly, banks, brokers and other nominees have discretionary voting power only with respect to Proposals II (the ratification of the appointment of our auditor) and IV (authorization to effect the reverse stock split), as these are the only proposals considered to be “routine” matters. Banks, brokers and other nominees will not have discretionary voting power with respect to Proposals I (the election of directors) and III (the non-binding advisory vote on named executive officer compensation) in the absence of specific instruction. We encourage all beneficial owners to vote their shares because banks, brokers and other nominees cannot vote on other matters.


Proxies will be voted in accordance with the instructions thereon. Unless otherwise stated, all shares represented by a proxy will be voted as instructed. Proxies may be revoked as noted above.


Proposal I: Election of Directors


At the Annual Meeting, five (5) directors will be elected to hold office for a term expiring at the next annual meeting of stockholders, which is expected to be held in 2020, or until their successors have been duly elected and qualified, or until their earlier death, resignation or removal.


At the Annual Meeting, proxies granted by stockholders will be voted individually for the election of the persons listed below as directors of the Company, unless a proxy specifies that it is not to be voted in favor of a nominee for director. Each of the persons named below, whether a current Board member or a nominee for election as a director, has indicated to the Board that he or she will be available to serve on the Board, if elected at the Annual Meeting. The Board recommends that you vote “FOR” the nominees listed below.


When reviewing candidates for our Board, the Nominating and Governance Committee of our Board (the “Governance/Nominating Committee”) and the Board consider the evolving strategy of the Company, its operating environment and outlook, as well as the needs of the Board to seek candidates that fill any current or anticipated future needs. The Governance/Nominating Committee and the Board also believe that all directors should possess the attributes described below under “Consideration of Director Nominees by the Board.” While the Governance/Nominating Committee does not have a formal policy with respect to diversity, the Board and the Governance/Nominating Committee believe that it is important that Board members represent diverse viewpoints in order to provide the most significant benefits to us. In considering candidates for the Board, the Governance/Nominating Committee and the Board consider the entirety of each candidate’s credentials in the context of these standards. With respect to the nomination of continuing directors for re-election, the individual’s contributions to the Board are also considered. In addition to the qualities and skills of the directors that are referred to under “Consideration of Director Nominees by the Board,” certain individual qualifications and skills of our directors that contribute to the Board’s effectiveness as a whole and the qualities that make the individuals suitable to serve on our Board are described in the following paragraphs.


Name   Age   Position with the Company
Justin Barnes1,3   54   Director
F. Peter Cuneo   75   Chairman of the Board
Drew Cohen1,3   50   Lead Director
Robert C. Galvin   59   Director and Chief Executive Officer
James Marcum1,2   59   Director


(1)Member of the Governance/Nominating Committee.

(2)Member of the Audit Committee of the Board (the “Audit Committee”).

(3)Member of the Compensation Committee of the Board (the “Compensation Committee”).


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