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ICONIX BRAND GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/28/2019
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In accordance with the terms of the asset purchase agreement, the Company paid AG $105.0 million in cash at closing of which $95.0 million was treated as consideration for the acquisition and the remaining $10.0 million was the issuance of a note due from AG.


The note receivable represented amounts due from AG in respect of non-compete payments pursuant to a license agreement entered into with AG simultaneously with the closing of the transaction. The note was in the principal amount of $10.0 million and was paid in equal quarterly installments over a two year period.  The note receivable was fully paid off in FY 2017.  The $35.4 million of goodwill resulting from the 2015 acquisition was deductible for income tax purposes.  

In FY 2017, the Company sold the businesses underlying its Entertainment segment which was inclusive of the Strawberry Shortcake brand.  Refer to Note 2 for further details.



In February 2015, the Company, through its then newly-formed subsidiary, US Pony Holdings, LLC, (“Pony Holdings”) acquired the North American rights to the PONY brand. These rights include the rights in the US obtained from Pony, Inc. and Pony International, LLC, and the rights in Mexico and Canada obtained from Super Jumbo Holdings Limited. The purchase price paid by the Company was $37.0 million. The $14.7 million of goodwill resulting from the 2015 acquisition is deductible for income tax purposes.  Pony Holdings is owned 75% by the Company and 25% by its partner Anthony L&S Athletics, LLC (“ALS”). ALS contributed to Pony Holdings its perpetual license agreement in respect of the U.S. and Canadian territories for a 25% interest in Pony Holdings.


Accounting Standards Codification (“ASC”) 810 - “Consolidations” (“ASC 810”) affirms that consolidation is appropriate when one entity has a controlling financial interest in another entity. The Company owns a 75% membership interest in Pony Holdings compared to the minority owner’s 25% membership interest. Further, the Company believes that the voting and veto rights of the minority shareholder are merely protective in nature and do not provide them with substantive participating rights in Pony Holdings. As such, Pony Holdings is subject to consolidation with the Company, which is reflected in the consolidated financial statements.

Iconix Middle East Joint Venture

In December 2014, the Company formed Iconix MENA (“Iconix Middle East”) a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company and contributed to it substantially all rights to its wholly-owned and controlled brands in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, Uganda, Yemen, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Cameroon, Gabon, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Senegal (the “Middle East Territory”). Shortly thereafter, Global Brands Group Asia Limited (“GBG”), purchased a 50% interest in Iconix Middle East for approximately $18.8 million. GBG paid $6.3 million in cash upon the closing of the transaction and committed to pay an additional $12.5 million over the 24-month period following closing. This obligation was fully paid in FY 2017.  As of December 31, 2018, the redeemable non-controlling interest of Iconix MENA was $14.8 million which was recorded on the Company’s consolidated balance sheet as mezzanine equity.

Pursuant to the joint venture agreement entered into in connection with the formation of Iconix Middle East, each of GBG and the Company holds specified put and call rights, respectively, relating to GBG’s ownership interest in the joint venture.

Company Two-Year Call Option: At any time during the six month period commencing December 19, 2016, the Company had the right to call up to 5% of the total equity in Iconix Middle East from GBG for an amount in cash equal to $1.8 million.

Five-Year and Eight-Year Put/Call Options: At any time during the six month period commencing December 19, 2019, and again at any time during the six month period commencing December 19, 2022, GBG may deliver a put notice to the Company, and the Company may deliver a call notice to GBG, in each case, for the Company’s purchase of all equity in the joint venture held by GBG. In the event of the exercise of such put or call rights, the purchase price for GBG’s equity in Iconix Middle East is an amount equal to (x) the Agreed Value (in the event of GBG put) or (y) 120% of Agreed Value (in the event of an Iconix call). The purchase price is payable in cash.

Agreed Value—Five-Year Put/Call: (i) Percentage of Iconix Middle East owned by GBG, multiplied by (ii) 5.5, multiplied by (iii) aggregate royalty generated by Iconix Middle East for the year ending December 31, 2019; provided, however, that such Agreed Value cannot be less than $12.0 million


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