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ICONIX BRAND GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/28/2019
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Notes held by such holder, and (y) the maximum commitment will be permanently reduced by the amount of the mandatory prepayment.

While the Securitization Notes are outstanding, payments of interest are required to be made on the 2012 Senior Secured Notes and the 2013 Senior Secured Notes, in each case, on a quarterly basis. Initially, principal payments in the amount of $10.5 million and $4.8 million were required to be made on the 2012 Senior Secured Notes and 2013 Senior Secured Notes, respectively, on a quarterly basis.  The amount of quarterly principal payments has since changed in subsequent periods due to the prepayments made under the Securitization Notes Indenture.  See below for further discussion.

The legal final maturity date of the Securitization Notes is in January of 2043. If the Co-Issuers have not repaid or refinanced the Securitization Notes prior to January 2020 (the “anticipated repayment date”), additional interest will accrue on amounts outstanding under the Securitization Notes at a rate equal to (A) in respect of Variable Funding Notes 5% per annum, (B) in respect of the 2012 Senior Secured Notes and the 2013 Senior Secured Notes, the greater of (1) 5% per annum and (2) a per annum interest rate equal to the excess, if any, by which the sum of (x) the yield to maturity (adjusted to a quarterly bond-equivalent basis), on the anticipated repayment date of the United States treasury security having a term closest to 10 years plus (y) 5% per annum plus (z) with respect to the 2012 Senior Secured Notes, 3.4% per annum, or with respect to the 2013 Senior Secured Notes, 3.14% per annum, exceeds the original interest rate. Pursuant to the Securitization Notes Indenture, such additional interest is not due to be paid by the Company until January 2043 (the legal maturity date) and does not compound annually.  The Securitization Notes rank pari passu with each other.

Pursuant to the Securitization Notes Indenture, the Securitization Notes are the joint and several obligations of the Co-Issuers only. The Securitization Notes are secured under the Securitization Notes Indenture by a security interest in certain of the assets of the Co-Issuers (the  “Securitized Assets”), which includes, among other things, (i) intellectual property assets, including the U.S. and Canadian registered and applied for trademarks for the following brands and other related IP assets: Candie’s, Bongo, Joe Boxer (excluding Canadian trademarks, none of which are owned by Iconix), Rampage, Mudd, London Fog (other than the trademark for outerwear products sold in the United States), Mossimo, Ocean Pacific and OP, Danskin and Danskin Now, Rocawear, Starter, Waverly, Fieldcrest, Royal Velvet, Cannon, and Charisma; (ii) the rights (including the rights to receive payments) and obligations under all license agreements for use of those trademarks in such territories; (iii) the following equity interests in the following joint ventures: an 85% interest in Hardy Way LLC which owns the Ed Hardy brand, a 50% interest in MG Icon LLC which owns the Material Girl and Truth or Dare brands, and a 100% interest in ZY Holdings LLC which owns the Zoo York brand; and (iv) certain cash accounts established under the Securitization Notes Indenture.  The Securitized Assets do not include revenue generating assets of (x) the Iconix subsidiaries that own the Ecko Unltd trademarks, the Mark Ecko trademarks, the Artful Dodger trademarks, the Umbro trademarks, and the Lee Cooper trademarks, (y) the Iconix subsidiaries that own Iconix’s other brands outside of the United States and Canada or (z) the joint ventures in which Iconix and certain of its subsidiaries have investments and which own the Modern Amusement trademarks and the Buffalo trademarks, the Pony trademarks, and the Hydraulic trademarks.

If the Company contributes an Additional IP Holder to Icon Brand Holdings LLC or Icon DE Intermediate Holdings LLC, that Additional IP Holder will enter into a guarantee and collateral agreement in a form provided for in the Securitization Notes Indenture pursuant to which such Additional IP Holder will guarantee the obligations of the Co-Issuers in respect of any Securitization Notes issued under the Securitization Notes Indenture and the other related documents and pledge substantially all of its assets to secure those guarantee obligations pursuant to a guarantee and collateral agreement.

Neither the Company nor any subsidiary of the Company, other than the Securitization Entities, will guarantee or in any way be liable for the obligations of the Co-Issuers under the Securitization Notes Indenture or the Securitization Notes.

The Securitization Notes are subject to a series of covenants and restrictions customary for transactions of this type, including (i) that the Co-Issuers maintain specified reserve accounts to be used to make required payments in respect of the Securitization Notes, (ii) provisions relating to optional and mandatory prepayments, including mandatory prepayments in the event of a change of control (as defined in the Securitization Notes Supplemental Indentures) and the related payment of specified amounts, including specified make-whole payments in the case of the Senior Secured Notes under certain circumstances, (iii) certain indemnification payments in the event, among other things, the transfers of the assets pledged as collateral for the Securitization Notes are in stated ways defective or ineffective and (iv) covenants relating to recordkeeping, access to information and similar matters. As of December 31, 2018, the Company is in compliance with all covenants under the Securitization Notes.

The Company’s Securitization Notes include a financial test that measures the amount of principal and interest required to be paid on the Co-Issuers’ debt to the approximate cash flow available to pay such principal and interest; the test is referred to as the debt service coverage ratio (“DSCR”).  As a result of the decline in royalty collections received by the Co-Issuers during the twelve months ended June 30, 2018, the DSCR fell below 1.45x as of June 30, 2018.  Beginning July 1, 2018, the Co-Issuers were required to allocate 25% of residual royalty collections (i.e. collections less debt service, management, servicing, administrative and other fees) to a restricted reserve account administered by the securitization program’s trustee, which will result in cash remaining inside the securitization program.  The DSCR fell below 1.35x as of September 30, 2018 and as a result, beginning October 1, 2018, the Co-


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