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ICONIX BRAND GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/28/2019
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Holdings was the family of Charles Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts brand and characters. In June 2017, the Company sold its 80% ownership interest in the brand to DHX Media, Ltd.  Refer to Note 2 of Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements for further details.


Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures:

Within the international segment, the Company operates both wholly-owned subsidiaries and joint ventures in various territories.  A variety of the Company’s brands are present within these territories and generate license revenue and profitability.  

Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries  

Iconix China.  In September 2008, the Company and Novel Fashions Holdings Limited, (referred to as Novel), formed a joint venture, Iconix China, to develop, exploit and market the Company’s brands in the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, (herein referred to as Greater China). In the initial phase of the joint venture, Iconix China sought to maximize brand monetization through investment, whereby Iconix China received a minority equity stake in local operating companies in exchange for the rights to one or more of the Company’s brands in Greater China and brand management support. Pursuant to the terms of this transaction, the Company contributed to Iconix China substantially all rights to its brands in Greater China and contributed $2.0 million, and Novel contributed $17 million to Iconix China.  

Iconix China successfully placed several brands into joint ventures including Candie’s and Marc Ecko Cut & Sew with Shanghai La Chapelle Fashion Co. Ltd (HK 6116); London Fog with China Outfitters (HK1146); Material Girl with Ningbo Peacebird; Ed Hardy with Landmark International; and Ecko Unltd. with Xi Ha Clothing. These brands are collectively sold through more than 1,000 branded retail locations. In April 2016, the Company sold its interest in TangLi International, Ltd. (Ed Hardy China).  

In March 2015, the Company purchased all equity interests in Iconix China owned by its partner, increasing the Company’s ownership of Iconix China from 50% to 100%. Subsequently, the Company has secured traditional licensing agreements for many of its brands including Umbro, Joe Boxer, Rocawear, Rampage, Danskin and Starter.

Iconix Latin America.  In December 2008, the Company formed a joint venture partnership, (“Iconix Latin America”), with New Brands, an affiliate of the Falic Group, to develop, exploit, market and license the Company’s brands in the Latin American territory comprising of Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. In February 2014, the Company purchased from New Brands its 50% interest in Iconix Latin America for $42.0 million, increasing the Company’s ownership to 100%. Today, Iconix Latin America has over fifty licenses, including key direct-to-retail relationships with Falabella, Renner, Wal-Mart and Suburbia.  Licensed brands in this territory include Candie’s, Joe Boxer, London Fog, Mossimo, Ocean Pacific, Danskin/Danskin Now, Starter, Zoo York, Ecko Unltd., Ed Hardy, Cannon, and Fieldcrest, among others.

Iconix Canada.  In June 2013, the Company contributed substantially all rights to its wholly-owned and controlled brands in Canada into two entities: Ico Brands L.P. (“Ico Brands”) and Iconix Canada L.P. (“Ico Canada” and together with Ico Brands, collectively “Iconix Canada”). Shortly thereafter, through their acquisitions of limited partnership and general partnership interests, Buffalo International ULC and its affiliates purchased a 50% interest in Iconix Canada.  In July 2017, the Company purchased from Buffalo its 50% interest in Iconix Canada for $19.0 million plus 50% of the net asset value of Iconix Canada (estimated to be approximately $2.0 million), increasing the Company’s ownership to 100%.  Iconix Canada has many direct-to-retail licenses including Danskin Now at Wal-Mart, and London Fog at The Bay as well as a wide range of licenses for key brands such as Ecko Unltd., Danskin, Rampage, Zoo York, Umbro, Fieldcrest, Royal Velvet, and Waverly.

International Joint Ventures

The formation and administration of international joint ventures have been a central and ongoing component of our business since 2008. The Company established and maintains the following international joint ventures: Iconix Europe, Iconix India, Iconix Australia, Iconix Southeast Asia, Iconix Israel, Iconix Middle East, Umbro China and Danskin China. The Company’s primary purpose in forming international joint ventures has been to bring its brands to market more quickly and efficiently, generating greater short- and long-term value from its IP.  This approach enabled its brands to more rapidly increase licensing revenue, market share and profitability than what the Company believes it could have achieved on its own.


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