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Press Releases

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12/27/05Six Flags CEO Mark Shapiro Announces First Step in Six Flags Reorganization
12/14/05Six Flags Ends Sale Process; Appoints Mark Shapiro CEO; Jack Kemp, Harvey Weinstein and Michael Kassan Join Board
12/01/05Six Flags Makes Announcement
11/29/05Six Flags Announces Results of Consent Solicitation
11/23/05Six Flags Comments on Red Zone Lawsuit
11/22/05Six Flags Comments on Red Zone Announcement; Reiterates Commitment to Sale Process
11/18/05Six Flags Sends Letter to Stockholders; Urges Stockholders Not to Let Red Zone Disrupt the Sale Process
11/15/05Six Flags Urges Stockholders to Help Facilitate Successful Completion of Sale Process; Six Flags Strongly Recommends That Stockholders Continue To Reject Red Zone's Consent Solicitation
11/14/05Six Flags Says Snyder's Changing Tactics Still Designed to Chill the Sale Process; Urges Stockholders to Allow the Process to Proceed to Its Conclusion
11/11/05Six Flags Sends Letter to Stockholders; Urges Stockholders to Preserve Their Choices by Rejecting Red Zone's Consent
11/11/05Six Flags Responds to Red Zone's Misleading Statement on Consent Deadline; There is No near-Term Deadline
11/09/05Six Flags Comments on Tigris Management Press Release
11/07/05Six Flags Reports Nine Months and Third Quarter Results; Strong, Broad-Based Performance Demonstrates Successful Implementation of Investment Program, Guest Service Initiatives, and Advertising Campaign
11/02/05Six Flags Sends Letter to Stockholders; Urges Stockholders Not to Let Red Zone Disrupt Sale Process
11/01/05Six Flags Announces Preliminary Strong Financial Results for Third Quarter 2005; Reaffirms Full-Year Outlook of $300 Million in Adjusted EBITDA
10/26/05Six Flags Commences Mailing of Consent Revocation Statement; Urges Stockholders not to Sign any Consent Forms Received from Red Zone
10/20/05Six Flags Fixes PIERS Dividend Record Date
10/18/05Six Flags Presentation to Stockholders October 18, 2005
10/14/05Six Flags Board of Directors Sets Record Date in Connection with Red Zone LLC's Consent Solicitation
09/12/05Six Flags to Close AstroWorld Theme Park in Houston and Sell 109-Acre Site; Increased Real Estate Value Of Site Prompts Disposition
08/25/05Six Flags to Pursue Possible Sale of the Company
08/17/05Six Flags Comments on Snyder Filings; Shareholders Need Take No Action at This Time
08/08/05Six Flags Reports Six Months and Second Quarter Results and Affirms Full Year Outlook; Strong, Broad-based Attendance, Revenue And EBITDA Growth
07/19/05Six Flags, Inc. to Report Second Quarter 2005 Results on August 8, 2005; Webcast Scheduled for August 9, 2005
07/06/05Six Flags Fixes Record Date for PIERS Dividend
06/30/05Six Flags Stockholders Re-Elect 7 Directors and Approve Increase in Authorized Shares
06/14/05Six Flags Says Roller Coaster Temporary Shutdown Should Have No Material Impact on Financial Performance
05/04/05Six Flags Reports First Quarter Performance; Solid Year to Date Performance; Affirms Full Year Outlook
04/26/05Six Flags, Inc. to Report First Quarter 2005 Results on May 4, 2005; Web cast Scheduled for May 5, 2005
04/07/05Six Flags to Participate in Wachovia Securities Media & Communications Fixed Income Conference
04/06/05Six Flags Fixes Record Date For PIERS Dividend
03/11/05Six Flags to Participate in Lehman Brothers High Yield Bond and Syndicated Loan Conference
03/09/05Six Flags Reports Full Year 2004 Performance; Fourth Quarter Ahead of Expectations; Affirms 2005 Outlook
02/23/05Six Flags, Inc. to Report Fourth Quarter 2004 and Year-End Results on March 9, 2005; Webcast Scheduled for March 10, 2005
01/11/05Six Flags Fixes Record Date for PIERS Dividend
01/06/05Six Flags Prices $195 Million of New Senior Notes
01/05/05Six Flags Commences Offering of New Senior Notes to Repay Existing Indebtedness