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Biography PhotoBernd  Wiedemann

Bernd Wiedemann has been a Director since April 2010. He is Senior Advisor at IAV GmbH, a leading provider of engineering services to the automotive industry based in Germany. Mr. Wiedemann joined IAV after retiring from Volkswagen AG and is former Chief Executive Officer, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Truck Division in Wolfsburg, Germany. A 37-year employee of Volkswagen, Mr. Wiedemann held senior executive positions including Executive Vice President, Volkswagen, South America (1994-1995); Executive Vice President, Autolatina (1992-1994) and Director, Passenger Car and Commercial Vehicle Development (1989-1992). Mr. Wiedemann received a Master’s degree from the Hannover Technical University, a doctorate from Brandenburg Technical University and is a professor at the Berlin Institute of Technology. Mr. Wiedemann’s extensive engineering expertise and his global OEM management experience enable him to provide engineering, product development, industry, and leadership expertise to the Board of Directors.