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SEC Filings

RLJ LODGING TRUST filed this Form 8-K on 08/07/2018
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of real estate, impairment, and adjustments for unconsolidated partnerships and joint ventures. The Company believes that the presentation of EBITDAre provides useful information to investors regarding the Company’s operating performance and can facilitate comparisons of operating performance between periods and between REITs.

Adjustments to FFO and EBITDAre
The Company adjusts FFO and EBITDAre for certain items that the Company considers outside the normal course of operations or extraordinary. The Company believes that Adjusted FFO and Adjusted EBITDA provide useful supplemental information to investors regarding its ongoing operating performance that, when considered with net income or loss, FFO, EBITDA, and EBITDAre, are beneficial to an investor’s understanding of its operating performance. The Company adjusts FFO and EBITDAre for the following items:

Transaction Costs: The Company excludes transaction costs expensed during the period.
Non-Cash Expenses: The Company excludes the effect of certain non-cash items such as the amortization of share-based compensation and non-cash income taxes.
Other Non-Operational Expenses: The Company excludes the effect of certain non-operational expenses representing income and expenses outside of the normal course of operations, including debt modification costs, hurricane-related costs that are not reimbursed by insurance, executive transition costs, and activist shareholder costs.

The Company previously presented Adjusted EBITDA in a similar manner, with the exception of the adjustments for noncontrolling interests in consolidated joint ventures. The rationale for including 100% of Adjusted EBITDA for consolidated joint ventures with noncontrolling interests is that the full amount of any debt of these consolidated joint ventures is reported in our consolidated balance sheet and metrics using debt to EBITDA provide a better understanding of the Company’s leverage. This is also consistent with NAREIT’s definition of EBITDAre.

Hotel EBITDA and Hotel EBITDA Margin
With respect to Consolidated Hotel EBITDA, the Company believes that excluding the effect of corporate-level expenses and certain non-cash items provides a more complete understanding of the operating results over which individual hotels and operators have direct control. The Company believes property-level results provide investors with supplemental information about the ongoing operational performance of the Company’s hotels and the effectiveness of its third-party management companies.
Pro forma Consolidated Hotel EBITDA includes prior ownership information provided by the sellers of the hotels for periods prior to our acquisition of the hotels, which has not been audited and excludes results from sold hotels as applicable. Pro forma Hotel EBITDA and Pro forma Hotel EBITDA Margin exclude the results of any non-comparable hotels that were under renovation or not open for the entirety of the comparable periods. The following is a summary of pro forma hotel adjustments:

Pro forma adjustments: Acquired hotels
For the six months ended June 30, 2018, no hotels were acquired.

The Company acquired the following hotels in August 2017 in conjunction with the FelCor merger:
DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Austin


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