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NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT is committed to sound and effective governance. Our goal is to not only meet the requirements established by securities laws and regulators but to also uphold the spirit of "good governance". We are committed to operating our business responsibly and with integrity, and providing full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in all of our reporting.

Our framework for governance is established by applicable legislation and by the following key documents:

  1. Declaration of Trust
  2. Charter of the Board of Trustees
  3. Charter of the Audit Committee
  4. Charter of the Compensation, Governance and Nominating Committee
  5. Position Description of the Chair of the Board
  6. Position Description of the Audit Committee Chairman
  7. Position Description of the Compensation, Governance and Nominating Committee
  8. Position Description of the Chief Executive Officer
  9. Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
  10. Distribution Reinvestment Plan

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