Debentures SeriesConversion price per Unit ($)MaturityInterest rateInterest paymentInterest payment dates
NWH.DB$14.20 30-Sep-205.25%Semi-annualMarch 31 and
September 30
NWH.DB.A$13.7031-Mar-186.50%Semi-annualMarch 31 and
September 30
NWH.DB.B$11.54 30-Sep-187.50%Semi-annualMarch 31 and
September 30
NWH.DB.C$12.50 31-Oct-197.25%Semi-annualApril 30 and
October 31
NWH.DB.D$11.25 31-Oct-205.50%Semi-annualApril 30 and
October 31
NWH.DB.E$12.75 31-Jul-215.25% Semi-annualJanuary 31 and
July 31
NWH.DB.F$12.80 31-Dec-215.25%Semi-annualJune 30 and
December 31

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