Where is Addus headquartered?
Addus has its Corporate Office in Frisco, Texas, and its Support Center in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Where and when was Addus incorporated?
Addus HomeCare Corporation was incorporated in Delaware in 2006 under the name Addus Holding Corporation for the purpose of acquiring Addus HealthCare. Addus HealthCare was founded in 1979.

What is Addus’ ticker symbol and cusip number?
Addus’ ticker is ADUS and the cusip number is 006739106.

On what exchange does Addus trade?
Addus trades on the Nasdaq Global Market.

When was Addus initial public offering? How many shares were offered and at what price?
Addus first offered shares on the public market on 10/28/09 at a price of $10 per share. The company sold 5.4 million shares.

Can shares of Addus be purchased directly through the company?
No, Addus does not offer a direct stock purchase program.

When does Addus' fiscal year end?
Addus' fiscal year end is December 31.

Who is Addus' independent auditor?
Addus’ auditor is Ernst & Young.

Who are the company's officers and directors?
The biographies of Addus' officers and directors are available in the corporate governance section of the website: Board of Directors and Management Team.

Who is Addus' transfer agent and how does one contact the transfer agent regarding stock certificates or change of address?
Transfer Agent
2 North LaSalle Street
Chicago, IL 60602
Ph: (312) 360-5315

How can I find information on Addus' SEC filings?
All of Addus’ filings can be found in the SEC filing section of the company’s website at: SEC Filings.

How can I contact someone at Addus with a question or a request?
Please contact Brian Poff of Addus by phone at 469.535.8200 or email: investorrelations@addus.com

Who handles investor relations for Addus?
Investor relations are handled by Brian Poff, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Addus. For additional information, please contact 469.535.8200 or investorrelations@addus.com.