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Back to School: SuccessFactors Expands into K-12 Education
New Partnership with Evergreen Solutions to Improve Quality of K-12 Education

SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct 07, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --

Today, SuccessFactors, Inc. (Nasdaq: SFSF), the global leader inBusiness Execution (BizX) Software,announced it is building on its success with businesses and higher education institutions to extend its offerings into the United States K-12 (Kindergarten through 12th grade) education market. Education in the U.S. is currently undergoing a critical transformation, resulting in the need for educators to be rewarded for their achievements in a "pay for performance" structure. In realizing this goal, SuccessFactors has entered into a partnership with leading public sector consulting firm Evergreen Solutions to bring its software solutions to the K-12 education market, instilling the tenets of business execution in the public sector: organizational alignment and people performance.

Consultants with Evergreen Solutions have decades of experience assisting more than 300 school districts across the country to achieve tangible results in operations, human resource management, and performance management. This partnership will build on Evergreen's passion and proven track record in K-12 education, while enabling school districts to improve the management of their most critical resource - their people - using SuccessFactors' industry-leading solutions. Through the partnership, SuccessFactors will help school districts improve organizational structure, reach individual goals that map to district strategy and implement a pay for performance culture that rewards the best educators and staff members.

State and federal governments have introduced programs and initiatives aimed to produce consistent performance from U.S. students, such as state legislation supporting Pay for Performance programs. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has stated, "Principals must act like CEOs." SuccessFactors will work with educators, federal and state government agencies, and private foundations to help accelerate the transformation.

"SuccessFactors has delivered impactful results within educational organizations of many types and sizes such as University of Denver and Loyola Marymount University, Inc.," said Paul Albright, general manager, SMB and Alliances, SuccessFactors. "We see Evergreen Solutions as an important partner to bring our solutions to the unique needs of the K-12 sector. Together we can improve our childrens' education by bringing performance management to our K-12 educational system."

"This is a partnership that will be truly collaborative and draw on the strengths of each company," said Dr. Jeffrey Ling, executive vice president, Evergreen Solutions. "It is the perfect opportunity for Evergreen to leverage our knowledge and expertise to realize the full potential of SuccessFactors' solutions in the K-12 market. The timing is right thanks to support from federal and state governments. Our students deserve an educational system that is designed to meet its goals and reach its potential, mirroring the country's most successful businesses."

In addition to the partnership, Evergreen Solutions will join SuccessFactors' partner program as a SuccessSales partner. Elements of this partnership that will deliver measurable value to school districts include:

  • Organizational Structure--Improving management execution starts with a good under- standing of the organization. Providing an overview of the school district in a graphical manner allows people to navigate across the organization and facilitates collaboration that teachers and other staff expect.
  • Map District Strategy to Individual Goals Across the School District--Once the organization structure is understood, goals can be easily assigned and cascaded throughout the school district. These goals can be easily tracked and communicated through a simple browser, and additional servers and software are not required.
  • Pay for Performance Culture & Continuous Improvement--Keeping the best teachers and staff in education requires a performance review process that is clear and impartial, based upon the achievement of goals, and rewards teachers and staff that achieve the desired goals.

About Evergreen Solutions, LLC

Evergreen Solutions is a national, public sector consulting firm specializing in efficient operations, human resources, and performance management. Education as well as other public organizations in more than 30 states have partnered with Evergreen Solutions to improve their operations and strengthen their workforce. Linda Recio, the president of Evergreen Solutions, is a nationally recognized expert on efficiency and effectiveness of school district operations and innovative education practices. More can be found about Evergreen Solutions at:

About SuccessFactors, Inc.

SuccessFactors is a global leader in Business Execution Software. The SuccessFactors Business Execution (BizX) Suite, which is delivered through the cloud, improves business alignment, team execution and people performance to drive results for companies of all sizes. Across 168 countries and 34 languages, more than 8 million users and 3,000 companies leverage SuccessFactors every day, up from approximately 300,000 users and 100 companies in 2003. BizX bridges the gap between strategy and success by allowing every person in an organization to execute against their goals better and faster. SuccessFactors' recent acquisitions ofInformandCubeTreesupplement SuccessFactors' core BizX strategy with solutions that align with SuccessFactors' mission of helping companies get work done by delivering robust business insights and improved collaboration. To learn more,

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