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Sensata Technologies Holding N.V.'s SEC Filings

SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES HOLDING PLC filed this Form S-1/A on 03/09/2010
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increased operating costs; and



exposure to unanticipated liabilities.


Subject to the terms of our indebtedness, we may finance future acquisitions with cash from operations, additional indebtedness and/or by issuing additional equity securities. In addition, we could face financial risks associated with incurring additional indebtedness such as reducing our liquidity and access to financing markets and increasing the amount of debt service. If conditions in the credit markets remain tight, the availability of debt to finance future acquisitions will be restricted and our ability to make future acquisitions will be limited.


We may also seek to restructure our business in the future by disposing of certain of our assets. There can be no assurance that any restructuring of our business will not adversely affect our financial position, leverage or results of operations. In addition, any significant restructuring of our business will require significant managerial attention which may be diverted from our operations and may require us to accept non-cash consideration for any sale of our assets, the market value of which may fluctuate.


We may not realize all of the anticipated operating synergies and cost savings from acquisitions, and we may experience difficulties in integrating these businesses, which may adversely affect our financial performance.


There can be no assurance that we will realize all of the anticipated operating synergies and cost savings from our acquisitions, or that we will not experience difficulties in integrating acquired operations with our operations. We may not be able to successfully integrate and streamline overlapping functions or, if such activities are accomplished, such integration may be more costly to accomplish than we expect. In addition, we could encounter difficulties in managing the combined company due to its increased size and scope.


Taxing authorities could challenge our historical and future tax positions or our allocation of taxable income among our subsidiaries, or tax laws to which we are subject could change in a manner adverse to us.


The amount of income taxes we pay is subject to our interpretation of applicable tax laws in the jurisdictions in which we file. We have taken and will continue to take tax positions based on our interpretation of such tax laws. There can be no assurance that a taxing authority will not have a different interpretation of applicable law and assess us with additional taxes. Should we be assessed with additional taxes, this may result in a material adverse effect on our results of operations or financial condition.


We conduct operations through manufacturing and distribution subsidiaries in numerous tax jurisdictions around the world. Our transfer pricing methodology is based on economic studies. The price charged for products, services and financing among our companies could be challenged by the various tax authorities resulting in additional tax liability, interest and/or penalties.


Tax laws are subject to change in the various countries in which we operate. Such future changes could be unfavorable and result in an increased tax burden to us. See “Tax Considerations” included elsewhere in this prospectus.


We have significant unfunded benefit obligations with respect to our defined benefit and other post-retirement benefit plans.


We provide various retirement plans for employees, including defined benefit, defined contribution and retiree healthcare benefit plans. As of December 31, 2009, we had recognized a net accrued benefit liability of approximately $46.5 million representing the unfunded benefit obligations of the defined benefit and retiree healthcare plans.