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Sensata Technologies Holding N.V.'s SEC Filings

SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES HOLDING PLC filed this Form S-1/A on 03/09/2010
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appropriate and adequate insurance; (iv) preservation of corporate existence, rights (charter and statutory), franchises, permits, licenses and approvals; (v) preparation of environmental reports; (vi) visitation and inspection rights; (vii) keeping of proper books in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles; (viii) maintenance of properties; (ix) use of proceeds; (x) designation of restricted and unrestricted subsidiaries; (xi) maintenance of ratings; (xii) actions undertaken in connection with junior financing documents; (xiii) certain tax matters; (xiv) further assurances as to perfection and priority of security interests; and (xv) customary financial and other reporting requirements (including, without limitation, audited annual financial statements and quarterly unaudited financial statements, in each case prepared on a consolidated basis, notices of defaults, compliance certificates, annual business plans and forecasts, reports to shareholders and other creditors and other business and financial information as the administrative agent shall reasonably request).


Negative Covenants


The negative covenants include restrictions with respect to (i) liens; (ii) debt (including guaranties or other contingent obligations); (iii) mergers and consolidations, liquidations and dissolutions; (iv) sales, transfers and other dispositions of assets; (v) loans, acquisitions, joint ventures and other investments; (vi) dividends and other distributions to stockholders (with exceptions for proceeds from sales of certain specific assets); (vii) designation of senior debt; (viii) becoming a general partner in any partnership; (ix) repurchasing shares of capital stock; (x) prepaying, redeeming or repurchasing subordinated debt; (xi) capital expenditures; (xii) granting negative pledges other than to the administrative agent and the lenders; (xiii) changing the principal nature of our business; (xiv) conducting transactions with affiliates on terms equivalent to those obtainable on an arm’s length basis; (xv) amending organizational documents or amending or otherwise modifying the terms of any subordinated debt; (xvi) passive holding company covenant; and (xvii) changing accounting policies or reporting practices.


Financial Covenants


We are required to maintain financial covenants that, among other things, limit our maximum total leverage ratio (total indebtedness to Consolidated EBITDA as defined) and minimum interest coverage ratio (Consolidated EBITDA to total interest expense, as defined). All of the financial covenants are calculated on a pro forma basis and for each consecutive four fiscal quarter periods, ending with most recent fiscal quarter. As described in our credit agreement, these financial covenants become more restrictive over time.


Events of Default


The Senior Secured Credit Facility provides for customary events of default, including: (a) failure to pay principal when due, or to pay interest or fees within five business days after the same becomes due or other amounts within ten business days after the same becomes due, subject to applicable grace periods; (b) any representation or warranty proving to have been materially incorrect or misleading when made or confirmed; (c) failure to perform or observe covenants set forth in the loan documentation within a specified period of time, where customary and appropriate, after notice of such failure; (d) cross-defaults to other indebtedness in an amount not less than $50 million; (e) bankruptcy and insolvency defaults (with grace period for involuntary proceedings); (f) monetary judgment defaults in an amount in excess of $50 million not covered by insurance; (g) impairment of loan documentation or security; (h) change of control; (i) inability to pay debts as they become due and (j) standard ERISA defaults. The Senior Secured Credit Facility provides the equity investors the ability to cure financial covenant defaults through equity infusions.


8% Senior Notes due 2014




Sensata Technologies B.V. issued 8% Senior Notes (the “8% Senior Notes”) under an indenture (the “8% Senior Notes Indenture”), dated April 27, 2006, among itself, as issuer, the subsidiary guarantors named therein and The Bank of New York Mellon, as trustee (the “Trustee”). The 8% Senior Notes Indenture is unlimited in aggregate principal amount. As of December 31, 2009, there were $340.0 million in aggregate principal amount