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Sensata Technologies Holding N.V.'s SEC Filings

SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES HOLDING PLC filed this Form S-1/A on 03/09/2010
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Appraisal Rights


Subject to certain exceptions, Dutch law does not recognize the concept of appraisal or dissenters’ rights.


Shareholder Suits


In the event a third party is liable to a Dutch company, generally only the company itself can bring a civil action against that party. Therefore, our individual shareholders do not have the right to bring an action on behalf of the issuer. Only in the event that the cause for the liability of a third party to the issuer also constitutes a tortious act directly against a shareholder does that shareholder have an individual right of action against such third party in its own name. The Dutch Civil Code provides for the possibility to initiate such actions collectively. A foundation or an association whose objective is to protect the rights of a group of persons having similar interests may institute a collective action. The collective action cannot result in an order for payment of monetary damages but may result in a declaratory judgment. The foundation or association and the defendant are permitted to reach (often on the basis of such declaratory judgment) a settlement which provides for monetary compensation for damages. A Dutch court may declare the settlement agreement binding upon all the injured parties with an opt-out choice for an individual injured party. An individual injured party may also itself institute a civil claim for damages.


Issuance of Ordinary Shares


Our board of directors has the power to issue ordinary shares if and to the extent that the general meeting of shareholders has designated the board, or if the board has been designated by the articles of association, to act as the authorized body for this purpose. A designation of authority to the board of directors to issue shares remains effective for the period specified by the general meeting or specified in the articles of association and may be up to five years from the date of designation. A general meeting of shareholders may renew annually the designation by the general meeting of shareholders and the designation in the articles of association may also be renewed by amending the articles of association for additional periods of up to five years. Without this designation by the general meeting of shareholders or the articles of association, only the general meeting of shareholders has the power to authorize the issuance of ordinary shares but only at the proposal of the board of directors. In a general meeting of our shareholders to be held prior to the closing of this offering, a proposal will be submitted to designate our board of directors as the corporate body with the power to issue and/or grant rights to subscribe for ordinary shares for a period of five years from the date thereof and to issue such number of ordinary shares as shall be permitted by our authorized capital from time to time.


Repurchase of Our Ordinary Shares


Subject to certain provisions of Dutch law and our articles of association, we may acquire our ordinary shares if no valuable consideration is given or the following conditions are met:



a general meeting of shareholders has authorized our board of directors to acquire the ordinary shares, which authorization may be valid for no more than 18 months and shall stipulate the number of shares that may be acquired and the upper and lower limit of the price of acquisition;



our shareholders’ equity, after deduction of the price of acquisition, is not less than the sum of the paid-in and called-up portion of the share capital and the reserves that the laws of the Netherlands or our articles of association require us to maintain; and



we would not hold after such purchase, or hold as pledgee, ordinary shares with an aggregate par value exceeding 50% of our issued share capital.


In a general meeting of our shareholders to be held prior to the closing of this offering, a proposal will be submitted to the general meeting of shareholders to grant authorization to our board of directors for a period of