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Sensata Technologies Holding N.V.'s SEC Filings

SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES HOLDING PLC filed this Form S-1/A on 03/09/2010
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Officers has been employed by Texas Instruments, prior to the 2006 Acquisition, or by us, since the 2006 Acquisition, for longer than the years of credited service shown above. In effect, the actual number of years of service of each officer who participates in the plan is one year more than his or her credited years of service.


(2)   The assumptions and valuation methods used to calculate the present value of the accumulated pension benefits shown are the same as those used by us for financial reporting purposes except that a Named Executive Officer’s retirement is assumed (in accordance with SEC rules) for purposes of this table to occur at age 65 and no assumption for termination prior to that date is used and the benefit is assumed to be paid as an annuity in the amount shown. See the notes to our audited consolidated financial statements appearing elsewhere in this prospectus. The amount of the present value of the accumulated pension benefit as of December 31, 2009 is determined using a discount rate assumption of 4.75%.


Sensata Technologies Employees Pension Plan


The Sensata Employees Pension Plan is a qualified defined benefit pension plan. See “—Components of Compensation–Pension Plan” for a discussion of the origin and purpose of the plan. A plan participant is eligible for normal retirement under the terms of the plan if he or she is at least 65 years of age with one year of credited service. A participant is eligible for early retirement if he or she is at least 55 years of age with 20 years of credited service or 60 years of age with five years of credited service. None of the Named Executive Officers are currently eligible for early or normal retirement.


A participant may request payment of his or her accrued benefit at termination or any time thereafter. Participants may choose a lump sum payment or one of six forms of annuity. In order of largest to smallest periodic payment, the forms of annuity are: (i) single life annuity, (ii) 5-year certain and life annuity, (iii) 10-year certain and life annuity, (iv) qualified joint and 50% survivor annuity, (v) qualified joint and 75% survivor annuity and (vi) qualified joint and 100% survivor annuity. If the participant does not request payment, he or she will begin to receive benefits in April of the year after he or she reaches the age of 70 1/2 in the form of annuity as required under the Internal Revenue Code.


A participant’s benefit includes, but is not limited to, salary, bonus and any overtime premiums, performance premiums, and elective deferrals, if applicable.


The pension formula for the plan is intended to provide a participant with an annual retirement benefit equal to 1.5 percent multiplied by the product of (i) years of credited service and (ii) the average of the five highest consecutive years of his or her base salary, plus bonus up to a limit imposed by the Internal Revenue Service, less a percentage (based on his or her year of birth, when he or she elects to retire and his or her years of service with Texas Instruments and Sensata) of the amount of compensation on which the participant’s Social Security benefit is based.


If an individual takes early retirement and chooses to begin receiving his or her annual retirement benefit at that time, such benefit is reduced by an early retirement factor. As a result, the annual benefit is lower than the one he or she would have received at age 65.


If the participant’s employment terminates due to disability, the participant may choose to receive his or her accrued benefit at any time prior to age 65. Alternatively, the participant may choose to defer receipt of the accrued benefit until reaching age 65 and then take a disability benefit. The disability benefit paid at age 65 is based on salary and bonus, the years of credited service the participant would have accrued to age 65 had the participant not become disabled and the participant’s disabled status.


The benefit payable in the event of death is based on salary and bonus, years of credited service and age at the time of death, and may be in the form of a lump sum or annuity at the election of the beneficiary. The earliest date of payment is the first day of the second calendar month following the month of death.


Leaves of absence are credited to years of service under both the qualified and non-qualified pension plans.