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Sensata Technologies Holding N.V.'s SEC Filings

SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES HOLDING PLC filed this Form S-1/A on 03/09/2010
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(4)   Represents stock options issued to the Named Executive Officers pursuant to the 2006 Option Plan.
(5)   Includes 256,409 exercisable options held in a trust established for the benefit of Mr. Wroe’s children.
(6)   Represents the per share exercise price for such options.
(7)   Represents restricted securities issued to the Named Executive Officers pursuant to the 2006 Purchase Plan.
(8)   Mr. Wroe’s awards of restricted securities are subject to time vesting and vest on the earliest to occur of (i) Mr. Wroe’s “involuntary retirement” (as defined above), (ii) a “change in control” and (iii) June 2, 2011. Under Mr. Wroe’s award agreement, “change in control” generally means a time when the Sponsors dispose of or sell more than 50% of the total voting power or economic interest in us to one or more independent parties.


Equity Compensation Plan Information


The following table describes certain information regarding our equity compensation plans as of December 31, 2009.


    Number of securities
to be issued upon
exercise of
outstanding options,
warrants and rights
exercise price of
options, warrants
and rights

  Number of securities
remaining available
for future issuance
under equity
compensation plans
(excluding securities
reflected in column (a))

Equity compensation plans approved by security holders

  12,925,148   $ 8.03   157,088

Equity compensation plans not approved by security holders



Option Exercises and Stock Vested Table


During fiscal year 2009, our Named Executive Officers did not acquire any shares through the exercise of options or vesting of restricted shares.


Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation


None of our Named Executive Officers participates in non-qualified defined contribution plans or other deferred compensation plans maintained by us.


Pension Benefits


The following table describes the estimated actuarial present value of accrued retirement benefits through the end of our 2009 fiscal year for each of our Named Executive Officers. As described in the following table, Ms. Sullivan, Mr. Major and Mr. Dane are eligible to participate in our Employees Pension Plan and Supplemental Pension Plan. For more information about these plans, see “—Components of Compensation—Retirement and Other Benefits.”


See Note 13 to the audited consolidated financial statements included elsewhere within this prospectus for a discussion of the relevant assumptions and valuation methods used for the present value calculations presented in the table below.



  Plan Name   Number of Years
of Credited
Service (1)
  Present Value of
Benefits ($)(2)
  Payments During
Last Fiscal

Year ($)

Thomas Wroe


Jeffrey Cote


Martha Sullivan

  Employees Pension Plan
Supplemental Pension Plan



Martin Carter


Steve Major

  Employees Pension Plan
Supplemental Pension Plan



Richard Dane

  Employees Pension Plan
Supplemental Pension Plan



Credited service began on the date the officer became eligible to participate in the plan. Eligibility to participate began on the earlier of 18 months of employment or January 1 following the completion of one year of employment. Accordingly, each of the Named Executive