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Sensata Technologies Holding N.V.'s SEC Filings

SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES HOLDING PLC filed this Form S-1/A on 03/09/2010
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We occupy 10 principal manufacturing facilities and business centers totaling approximately 2,235,000 square feet, with the majority devoted to research, development and engineering, manufacturing and assembly. Of our principal facilities, approximately 1,380,000 square feet are owned and approximately 855,000 square feet are occupied under leases. We consider our manufacturing facilities sufficient to meet our current and planned operational requirements. We lease approximately 433,000 square feet for our U.S. headquarters in Attleboro, Massachusetts. The table below lists the location of our principal executive and operating facilities. Substantially all of our owned properties and equipment are subject to a lien under our Senior Secured Credit Facility. See Note 11 to our consolidated financial statements, included elsewhere in this prospectus, for additional information on our Senior Secured Credit Facility.




Operating Segment

   Owned or


Attleboro, Massachusetts

   Sensors and Controls    Leased    433,000

Aguascalientes, Mexico

   Sensors and Controls    Owned    444,000

Almelo, Netherlands

   Sensors and Controls    Owned    188,000

Oyama, Japan

   Sensors and Controls    Owned    74,000

Jincheon, South Korea

   Controls    Owned    133,000

Baoying, China

   Controls    Owned    384,000

Changzhou, China

   Sensors and Controls    Leased    252,000

Subang Jaya, Malaysia

   Sensors    Leased    108,000

Haina, Dominican Republic

   Sensors and Controls    Leased    62,000

Cambridge, Maryland

   Controls    Owned    157,000


Leases covering our currently occupied leased facilities expire at varying dates, generally within the next ten years. We anticipate no difficulty in retaining occupancy through lease renewals, month-to-month occupancy or replacing the leased facilities with equivalent facilities. A substantial increase in demand for our products may require us to expand our production capacity, which could require us to identify and acquire or lease additional manufacturing facilities. We believe that suitable additional or substitute facilities will be available as required.