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Sensata Technologies Holding N.V.'s SEC Filings

SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES HOLDING PLC filed this Form S-1/A on 03/09/2010
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The table below sets forth the amount of revenue we generated from each of these product categories in each of the last three fiscal years.


Product Category

   For the year ended December 31,
(Amounts in thousands)    2007    2008    2009

Pressure Sensors

   $ 562,239    $ 553,722    $ 456,116

Pressure Switches

     101,748      96,928      71,946

Position Sensors

     31,892      39,273      26,062

Force Sensors

     91,894      87,654      57,151


     94,702      89,809      73,817


   $ 882,475    $ 867,386    $ 685,092


Controls Business




We are a leading provider of bimetal electromechanical controls, thermal and magnetic-hydraulic circuit breakers, power inverters and interconnection products. Our controls business accounted for approximately 40% of our net revenue for fiscal year 2009. We manufacture and market a broad portfolio of application-specific products, including motor and compressor protectors, circuit breakers, semiconductor burn-in test sockets, electrical HVAC controls, power inverters and precision switches and thermostats. Our controls are sold into industrial, aerospace, military, commercial and residential end-markets. We derive most of our controls revenue from products that prevent damage from excess heat or current in a variety of applications within these end-markets, such as commercial and residential heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration and light industrial systems. We believe that we are one of the largest suppliers of controls in the majority of the key applications in which we compete.


Our controls business also benefits from strong agency relationships. For example, a number of electrical standards for motor control products, including portions of the Underwriters’ Laboratories Standards for Safety, have been written based on the performance and specifications of our controls products. We also have blanket approval from Underwriters’ Laboratories for many of our control products, so that customers can use Klixon products in the United States interchangeably, but are required to receive certification from Underwriters’ Laboratories for their own products if they decide to incorporate competitive motor protection offerings.


We attribute a substantial portion of our growth in this business to an expanded presence in Asia, particularly China. We are well-positioned to capture additional revenue from our multinational customers as they relocate manufacturing operations to China. We have been working to leverage this market position, with our brand recognition, to develop new relationships with a number of high-growth local Chinese manufacturers. We continue to focus on managing our costs and increasing our productivity in these lower-cost manufacturing regions.


Controls Industry


Controls are customized devices which protect equipment and electrical architecture from excessive heat or current. Our product line encompasses four categories of controls—bimetal electromechanical controls, thermal and magnetic-hydraulic circuit breakers, power inverters and interconnection—each of which serves a highly diversified base of customers, end-markets, applications and geographies.


Bimetal Electromechanical Controls


Bimetal electromechanical controls include motor protectors, motor starters, thermostats and switches, each of which helps prevent damage from excessive heat or current. Our bimetal electromechanical controls business