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Sensata Technologies Holding N.V.'s SEC Filings

SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES HOLDING PLC filed this Form S-1/A on 03/09/2010
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proliferation of electronic applications in everyday life. We expect to continue to address our customers’ increased demand for sensor and control solutions with our technology and engineering expertise. We leverage our various core technology platforms across many different products and applications to maximize the impact of our research, development and engineering investments and increase economies of scale. We intend to continue to collaborate closely with customers to improve our current line of products incorporated into our customers’ products and to identify and develop new technologies and products that can be incorporated into our customers’ products at an early stage of the development process. In addition, we intend to focus on new applications that will help us secure new business and drive long-term growth. New applications for sensors typically provide an opportunity to define a leading application technology in collaboration with our customers. Our strategy is to target new applications early in the development cycle by leveraging our strong customer relationships, engineering expertise and attractive cost position.


Expand our presence in significant emerging markets. We believe emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil represent substantial, rapidly growing opportunities. A growing middle class and rapid industrialization are creating significant demand for electric motors, consumer conveniences (such as appliances), automobiles and communication infrastructure. Our broad mix of sensor and control applications utilized in a variety of products and end-markets enables us to participate from the early stages of economic growth, typically characterized by rapid adoption of basic household durables, to later stages of economic growth, typically involving more rapid penetration of automobiles and other consumer conveniences into everyday life. We believe our substantial manufacturing presence and capacity in China provides us with a significant opportunity for future growth. We intend to continue investing in local engineering and sales talent across key emerging markets to build our presence with both multinational and local OEMs.


Broaden customer relationships. We seek to differentiate ourselves from our competitors through superior product reliability, performance and service. We believe that this focus has strengthened our relationships with our existing customers and provided us the experience and market exposure to attract new customers. We also believe our global presence and investments in application engineering and support create competitive advantages in serving multinational and local companies. The continued establishment of business centers near our customers’ facilities and continued close collaboration with our customers’ engineering staffs are key components of this strategy.


Extend low-cost advantage. We intend to continue to focus on managing our costs and increasing our productivity. These ongoing efforts have included migrating our manufacturing to low-cost regions, transforming the supply chain to low-cost sourcing and aggressively pursuing ongoing productivity improvements. We will continue to strive to significantly reduce materials and manufacturing costs for key products by focusing on our design-driven cost initiatives. We will also continue to locate our people and processes in the most strategic, cost-effective regions. As we develop new applications, we intend to continue to leverage our core technology platforms to give us economies of scale advantage in manufacturing and in our research, development and engineering investments.


Recruit, retain, and develop talent globally. We intend to continue to recruit, develop and retain a highly educated, technically sophisticated and globally dispersed workforce. Those in senior management roles have broad experience in managing global businesses. Our strategy leadership team has over 150 years of combined experience with our global businesses. Other senior managers bring global experience, subject matter expertise and an outside perspective which has contributed to our success. We will continue to utilize our extensive network for our global recruiting, including university, community and employee referral programs, to introduce our brand and values to prospective employees. We will continue to utilize our formal Integrated Talent Management Program to emphasize learning and development activities focusing on each employee’s particular skill set, including their technical and leadership capabilities. We will continue to engage in extensive market-based research to align our compensation and benefits programs with employee performance and to remain competitive with industry benchmarks.