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Sensata Technologies Holding N.V.'s SEC Filings

SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES HOLDING PLC filed this Form S-1/A on 03/09/2010
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accounted for approximately 7% of our net revenue for fiscal year 2009. Our net revenue for fiscal year 2009 was derived from the following end-markets: 22% from European automotive, 15% from appliances and HVAC, 16% from North American automotive, 14% from industrial, 14% from Asia and rest of world automotive, 5% from heavy vehicle off-road and 14% from all other end-markets. Within many of our end-markets, we are a significant supplier to multiple OEMs, reducing our exposure to fluctuations in market share within individual end-markets.


Competitive Strengths


We believe we have a number of competitive strengths that differentiate us from our competitors. These include:


Leading positions in high-growth segments. We believe that we are one of the largest suppliers of sensors and controls in the majority of the key applications in which we compete. We attribute our strong market positions to our long-standing customer relationships, technical expertise, breadth of product portfolio, product performance and quality, and competitive cost structure. We have selectively chosen to compete in growing applications and geographies. We believe increased regulation of safety and emissions, a growing emphasis on energy efficiency and consumer demand for electronic products with advanced features are driving sensor growth rates exceeding underlying end market demand in many of our key markets, and will continue to offer us significant growth opportunities.


Innovative, highly engineered products for mission-critical applications. Most of our products are highly-engineered, critical components in complex systems that are essential to the proper functioning of the product in which they are integrated. Our products are differentiated by their performance, reliability and level of customization, which are critical factors in customer selection. We leverage our core technology platforms across multiple applications supported by approximately 400 patents and engineering expertise, allowing us to cost-effectively develop products that are customized for each application in which they are incorporated. For example, we used our core pressure sensing technology portfolio to develop a pressure sensor specifically designed for a fire suppression system in a military application. Our global engineering team, consisting of approximately 1,000 full-time team members located close to customers, enables us to identify many opportunities at an early stage and to work closely with customers to efficiently deliver solutions they require.


Long-standing local presence in key emerging markets. We believe that our long-standing local presence in key emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil provides us with significant growth opportunities. Our net revenue from sales in emerging markets grew at a 12% compounded annual growth rate from 2005 to 2009. Our sales into these markets represented approximately 18% of our net revenue for fiscal year 2009. We have been present in China since 1995 and currently have two high volume manufacturing facilities located in Baoying and Changzhou. As an early market entrant in China, we established a leading position serving multinationals with local manufacturing operations in China. We believe we have developed strong relationships with local customers and suppliers based on our local manufacturing and sales presence, track record of performance and brand portfolio. We believe the Klixon brand, part of our controls business since 1927, distinguishes us in the motor controls sector where recognition of global corporate brands is limited. We believe the brand has been an important driver of success with larger Chinese companies who are seeking to build their international sales presence. We have built a local engineering and sales team in China to develop localized technology solutions and continue to build our presence with both multinational and local companies.


Collaborative, long-term relationships with diversified customer base. We have long-standing relationships with a diverse base of leading global OEMs and other multi-national companies across the appliance, automotive, HVAC, industrial, aerospace, defense and other end-markets. We have worked with our top 25 customers for an average of 22 years. Our established customer relationships span multiple levels of the organization from executives to engineers. As a result of the long development lead times and embedded nature of our products, we collaborate closely with our customers throughout the design and development phase of their products. We believe that our broad product portfolio and global reach reduce our dependence on any particular market or customer.