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Sensata Technologies Holding N.V.'s SEC Filings

SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES HOLDING PLC filed this Form S-1/A on 03/09/2010
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proper functioning of the system in which our products are embedded. We believe the capital commitment and time required for this process significantly increases the switching costs for customers once a particular sensor or control has been designed and installed in a system. In addition, our products are often relatively low-cost components integrated into mission-critical applications for high-value systems.


Attractive cost structure with scale advantage and low-cost footprint. We believe that our global scale and cost-focused approach have provided us with an attractive cost position within our industry. We currently manufacture approximately 800 million devices per year, with 85% of our production in low-cost countries including China, Mexico, Malaysia and the Dominican Republic.


Operating model with high cash generation and significant revenue visibility. We believe our strong customer value proposition and cost structure enable us to generate attractive operating margins and return on capital. We believe that our current manufacturing base offers significant capacity to support higher revenue levels. In addition, we believe that our business provides us with significant visibility into new business opportunities based on product development cycles that are typically more than one year, our ability to win design awards in advance of OEM system roll-outs and commercialization and our lengthy product life cycles. Additionally, customer order cycles typically provide us with visibility into more than a majority of our expected quarterly revenues at the start of each quarter.


Experienced management team. Our senior management team has significant collective experience both within our business and in working together managing our business. Our CEO, COO and other members of our senior management team have been employed by our company and its predecessor, the S&C business of Texas Instruments, for the majority of their careers.


Our Growth Strategy


We intend to enhance our position as a leading provider of customized, innovative sensors and controls on a global basis. The key elements of our growth strategy include:


Continue product innovation and expansion. We believe our solutions help satisfy the world’s need for safety, energy efficiency and a clean environment, as well as address the demand associated with the proliferation of electronic applications in everyday life. We expect to continue to address our customers’ increased demand for sensor and control solutions with our technology and engineering expertise. We leverage our various core technology platforms across many different products and applications to maximize the impact of our research, development and engineering investments and increase economies of scale.


Expand our presence in significant emerging markets. We believe emerging markets such as China, India, and Brazil represent substantial, rapidly growing opportunities. A growing middle class and rapid industrialization are creating significant demand for electric motors, consumer conveniences (such as appliances), automobiles, and communication infrastructure.


Broaden customer relationships. We believe our global presence and investments in application engineering and support will continue to create competitive advantages in serving multinational and local companies.


Extend low-cost advantage. By focusing on our design-driven cost initiatives and realizing economies of scale in materials and manufacturing, we will continue to strive to significantly reduce costs for our key products. We will also continue to locate our people and processes in the most strategic, cost-effective regions.