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Sensata Technologies Holding N.V.'s SEC Filings

SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES HOLDING PLC filed this Form S-1/A on 03/09/2010
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Amortization of leasehold improvements is computed using the straight-line method over the shorter of the remaining lease term or the estimated useful lives of the improvements.


Assets held under capital leases are recorded at the lower of the present value of the minimum lease payments or the fair value of the leased asset at the inception of the lease. These assets are depreciated on a straight-line basis over the shorter of the estimated useful lives or the period of the related lease.


Interest Expense


Interest expense, net consists primarily of interest expense on institutional borrowings, interest rate derivative instruments, capital lease and other financing obligations. Interest expense, net also includes the amortization of deferred financing costs and interest expense on liabilities arising from uncertain tax positions.


Currency Translation Gain/(Loss) and Other, Net


Currency translation gain/(loss) and other, net includes gains and losses recognized on currency translation, gains and losses recognized on our derivatives used to hedge commodity prices and foreign currency exposures, gains and losses on the disposition of property, plant and equipment and gains on the repurchases of debt. We continue to derive a significant portion of our revenue in markets outside of the United States, primarily Europe and Asia. For financial reporting purposes, the functional currency of all our subsidiaries is the U.S. dollar. In certain instances, we enter into transactions that are denominated in a currency other than the U.S. dollar. At the date the transaction is recognized, each asset, liability, revenue, expense, gain or loss arising from the transaction is measured and recorded in U.S. dollars using the exchange rate in effect at that date. At each balance sheet date, recorded monetary balances denominated in a currency other than the U.S. dollar are adjusted to the U.S. dollar using the current exchange rate with gains or losses recorded in the consolidated and combined statements of operations.


Provision for Income Taxes


We and our subsidiaries are subject to income tax in the various jurisdictions in which we operate. While the extent of our future tax liability is uncertain, the purchase accounting of the 2006 Acquisition, the acquisition of First Technology Automotive and the acquisition of Airpax, the new debt and equity capitalization of our subsidiaries and the realignment of the functions performed and risks assumed by the various subsidiaries are among the factors that will determine the future book and taxable income of the respective subsidiary and Sensata as a whole.


We adopted guidance included within ASC 740 (originally issued as Financial Accounting Standards Board, or “FASB,” Interpretation No. 48, Accounting for Uncertainty in Income Taxes) effective January 1, 2007, and recognized an increase of $0.7 million in the liability for unrecognized tax benefits, which was accounted for as an increase to the January 1, 2007 balance of accumulated deficit.


For the Predecessor periods, our operations were included in the consolidated U.S. federal income tax return and certain foreign income tax returns of Texas Instruments. The income tax provisions and related deferred tax assets and liabilities for the Predecessor periods have been determined as if we were a separate taxpayer. Deferred income taxes are provided for temporary differences between the book and tax basis of assets and liabilities.


Loss from Discontinued Operations


In December 2008, we announced our intention to discontinue and sell our automotive vision sensing business, or the “Vision business.” In connection with this announcement, we reclassified to discontinued operations the results from operations of the Vision business and recognized a loss associated with measuring the net assets of the Vision business at fair value less cost to sell and other exit costs, in accordance with ASC Topic 360, Property, Plant and Equipment.