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Sensata Technologies Holding N.V.'s SEC Filings

SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES HOLDING PLC filed this Form S-1/A on 03/09/2010
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Amounts and percentages in the tables below have been calculated based on unrounded numbers. Accordingly, certain amounts may not add to the totals due to the effect of rounding.


The following table presents net revenue by segment and segment operating income for the following years:


     For the year ended December 31,
(Amounts in millions)    2007    2008    2009

Net revenue


Sensors segment

   $ 882.5    $ 867.4    $ 685.1

Controls segment

     520.8      555.3      449.9

Total net revenue

   $ 1,403.3    $ 1,422.7    $ 1,134.9

Segment operating income


Sensors segment

   $ 244.3    $ 221.9    $ 194.1

Controls segment

     130.0      136.5      129.6

Total segment operating income

   $ 374.3    $ 358.3    $ 323.7


The following table presents net revenue by segment as a percentage of net revenue and segment operating income as a percentage of segment net revenue for the following years:


     For the year ended December 31,  
(As a percentage of revenue)        2007             2008             2009      

Net revenue


Sensors segment

   62.9   61.0   60.4

Controls segment

   37.1      39.0      39.6   


   100.0   100.0   100.0

Segment operating income


Sensors segment

   27.7   25.6   28.3

Controls segment

   25.0   24.6   28.8


For a reconciliation of total segment operating income to profit from operations, see Note 19 to our audited consolidated financial statements included elsewhere in this prospectus.


Factors Affecting Our Operating Results


The following discussion sets forth certain components of our statements of operations as well as factors that impact those items.


Net Revenue


We generate revenue from the sale of sensors and controls products across all major geographic areas. Our net revenue from product sales includes total sales less estimates of returns for product quality reasons and for price allowances. Price allowances include discounts for prompt payment as well as volume-based incentives.


Because we sell our products to end-users in a wide range of industries and geographies, demand for our products is generally driven more by the level of general economic activity rather than conditions in one particular industry or geographic region.


Our overall net revenue is generally impacted by the following factors:



fluctuations in overall economic activity within the geographic markets in which we operate;



underlying growth in one or more of our core end-markets, either worldwide or in particular geographies in which we operate;