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Press Release

Universal Warranty Unveils “Paperless” F&I Sales Solutions
February 09, 2008

SAN FRANCISO – Universal Warranty Corporation (UWC), a subsidiary of GMAC Insurance, today introduced new technology and process enhancements, making its aftermarket F&I sales process completely electronic. The full set of solutions, Online Performance Suite, is the most recent addition to GMAC Insurance's portfolio of customer-centric products and services, and also has the potential to reduce time spent on every transaction by up to 20 minutes.

“UWC and GMAC Insurance, as a whole, are dedicated to providing solutions that address our dealer customers' array of needs,” said Tom Callahan, executive vice president of GMAC Insurance's Dealer Products & Services group (DP&S). “Online Performance Suite and its components will essentially revolutionize the way many of the day-to-day aftermarket F&I sales activities at a dealership are done, moving to an entirely electronic and paperless process.”

Beginning in March, UWC's SalesDriver sales software system will be upgraded to include dealer management system (DMS) integration – doing away with re-keying and paper contract submissions by allowing dealers to electronically file a deal with UWC. SalesDriver will continue to provide instantaneous, precise quotes for VehicleOne service contracts and VehicleOne Primary GAP products by simply entering the vehicle identification number.

At the same time, a new reporting and monitoring system will be rolled out to dealers across North America. Reports Online helps dealers monitor their production reports via a secure Web site. Dealers also can receive accounts receivable statements and risk management monitoring with loss ratio reports through the same tool.

“Reports Online provides dealers with information that is critical to maximizing F&I sales,” Callahan said. “Working together with their independent agents, dealers can use the data to develop plans that improve or refine their current business.”

Finally, UWC also is changing business accounting processes to speed up the time it takes for contacts to be activated. In most cases, contracts submitted electronically will be activated and paid overnight, also using electronic transfer of funds. --more--

“Online Performance Suite streamlines the way dealers and independent agents do business with us,” Callahan said. “Recognizing every dealer's business is different, this solution is designed to complement not compete or replace existing software. I invite any interested dealer to stop by the GMAC Insurance booth at the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) Annual Convention these next four days in San Francisco, or contact their local UWC or GMAC Insurance representative.”

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