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Clearwire Expands Its Instant Internet Service In Belgium

Reliable Broadband Provider Launches in Ghent, its Third Market in Belgium

GHENT, Belgium, 5 June, 2007 Clearwire Belgium (www.clearwire.be) announced today the launch of its Instant Internet service in Ghent. Clearwire is now available in three markets in Belgium - Brussels, Leuven and Ghent, the country's third largest city. Clearwire provides an Instant Internet solution, using non-line-of-sight wireless broadband network technology. There is no software to load and generally no configuring or changes required to the customer's computer. The fast and simple service can be accessed anywhere within Clearwire Belgium's coverage area by simply taking the Clearwire modem out of the box, plugging it in and connecting the Ethernet cord to the customer's computer or to a WiFi router.

Using licensed spectrum to connect to the Internet, Clearwire eliminates traditional cable or phone wiring. The portable service can be moved from place to place inside Clearwire's coverage area, which allows customers to use the service at their home, office, favorite coffee house or anywhere else around the city.

"Ghent is the latest market to receive Clearwire's service as part of the company's expansion in Belgium," said Matthew Ridgwell, Clearwire Belgium's commercial director. "Residents of Ghent now have a better way to access the Internet and one that is simple to use, reliable and suited for use at home or on the go. Unlike its ADSL and cable-based competitors, Clearwire provides Internet access without the expense and inconvenience of a telephone line or TV-cable. Moreover, Clearwire's service is portable and can be used in Ghent as well as in Brussels and Leuven."

About Clearwire Belgium
Clearwire service is sold at several authorized retailers in Ghent. In addition, customers can buy Clearwire at its Instant Internet Store, which is located at Kouter 171, 9000 Ghent or by calling 0800 40 277. For detailed information, go to www.clearwire.be.

About Clearwire Corporation
Clearwire, founded in October 2003 by Craig O. McCaw, is a provider of reliable, wireless high-speed Internet service. Headquartered in Kirkland, Wash., the company launched its first market in August 2004 and now offers service in 39 U.S. markets, covering approximately 9.9 million people in more than 420 municipalities in Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin in the United States, as well as approximately 1.2 million people in Ireland and Belgium. In addition, wireless high-speed Internet services are offered in Mexico and Denmark by Clearwire's partners, MVS Net and Danske Telecom. For more information, visit www.clearwire.com.

Helen Chung

Diane van der Stegen
Clearwire Belgium

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