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Jonathan Z. Cohen
Executive Chairman of the Board

Jonathan Z. Cohen has been the Executive Chairman of our Board since February 2015, and before that was Vice Chairman from February 2012. Mr. Cohen held a number of titles at the general partner of Atlas Energy, L.P. at various points from its formation in January 2006 until February 2015, including Executive Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board, and chairman of the executive committee. Mr. Cohen was also the Executive Vice Chairman of the managing board of Atlas Pipeline Partners GP, LLC from its formation in 1999 until February 2015. He was the Vice Chairman of the Board of Atlas Energy, Inc. from its formation in September 2000 until February 2011, and the Vice Chairman of the Board of Atlas Energy Resources, LLC and its manager, Atlas Energy Management, Inc., from their formation in June 2006 until February 2011. Mr. Cohen has been a senior officer of Resource America since 1998, serving as the Chief Executive Officer since 2004, President since 2003 and a director since 2002. Mr. Cohen has been Chief Executive Officer, President and a director of Resource Capital Corp. since its formation in 2005. Mr. Cohen is a son of Edward E. Cohen.