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Nutro Dry Cat Food Recall

PetSmart Facts
June 29, 2009


This past May, Nutro voluntarily recalled a total of 47 of its Natural Choice and MAX food products from our U.S. and Canadian stores. Nutro issued the voluntary recall as a precautionary measure after learning these products contain incorrect levels of zinc and potassium.

Although we're not aware of any confirmed cases of illness related to the recalled product, we immediately removed those products from our stores as a precautionary measure.

Nutro Natural Choice and Nutro MAX Dry Cat Foods Returning to Shelves

Beginning June 29, new Nutro Natural Choice and Nutro MAX dry cat foods will begin returning to PetSmart stores. These products replace those that were voluntarily recalled in May and all mineral imbalances have been corrected by the manufacturer. Nutro has assured us it has implemented stricter testing and quality assurance measures for its products.

Six of the Natural Choice products affected by the voluntary recall will return to store shelves in September as part of a pre-planned re-launch initiative. These are the Natural Choice Complete Care Oceanfish and kitten foods.

Here's the complete list of products available at PetSmart that were affected by the voluntary recall, with their corresponding UPC codes (also known as a bar code) and return dates.

What about other cat foods?

This voluntary recall affected only select varieties of Nutro brand dry cat food. No other products were affected, including dry dog food, wet dog or cat food, or dog or cat food treats. Please see the chart above for full list of affected products available at PetSmart, or visit www.nutroproducts.com.

We'll continue to keep you informed of any developments regarding recalled product at PetSmart by posting any updated information on this Web site, as well as in our stores.

Why are zinc and potassium used in cat food?

Both zinc and potassium are e0073sential nutrients for cats. Zinc is vital to the immune system and skin health. Potassium has a role in maintaining cell membrane integrity and nerve function.

Are you going to continue selling products with zinc and potassium ingredients?

Yes, in correct amounts, these and other minerals a vital part of keeping pets healthy.

What kind of safety measures do you take for the ingredients in the products you sell?

PetSmart requires that the products we offer meet governmental and regulatory safety requirements. In addition, PetSmart has its own internal safety standards for all products we sell.

Some of our manufacturers have ingredient tracking systems which will allow them to track every ingredient used in each individual product. In the event of a recall, they will be able to identify immediately every product that might be affected, as well as its source.

What we do about recalls

Any news that involves a pet product recall naturally causes uncertainty and worry for our pet parents. Our first thoughts are for the well-being of you and your pets.

Please be assured that, as always, we handle recalls with the utmost urgency to ensure our shelves and Web site are free of all recalled product.

We immediately remove all recalled product, and have precautions in place to make sure it is not re-stocked.

Can PetSmart guarantee these products are safe?

While we can’t guarantee the safety of any product, as the recent voluntary recall shows, we will not sell any product if we have reason to question its safety. We expect our vendors and manufacturers to take measures to ensure their products are as safe as possible.

What should you do?

If you have any additional questions about this recall, please contact Nutro customer service at 1-800-833-5330 or PetSmart customer service at 1-888-839-9638.

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