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PetSmart – The Facts

PetSmart - The Facts

What you should know about why we choose to use glue traps in our stores:
Updated July 13, 2007

  • Working with our pest control partner, we take a number of measures to prevent wild rodents from entering our stores in the first place. Unfortunately, from time to time, we do find wild rodents in our stores. After careful consideration and investigation, we determined the use of glue traps in some of our stores is the most effective means of controlling rodents and protecting our associates and customers against the various contagious diseases carried by wild rodents.
  • Glue traps capture all rodent fecal matter, urine and hair (which can carry disease and other health risks). Other forms of traps are not as effective. The bottom line is this provides a healthier and safer environment for our associates and customers.
  • We do not like to see any animal suffer and we continue to explore equally or more effective alternatives, taking into account many important factors such as the nature of the trap, its effectiveness and cost. However, our overriding priority is human health and safety.
  • Earlier this year we partnered with our pest control partner to fund research at a major university aimed at finding a better “mousetrap.” In the meantime, our pest control partner will continue to use glue traps as an effective and safe means of pest and rodent control in our facilities until a more effective one can be found that also meets our safety and business needs.
  • We do not sell, nor have we ever sold, glue traps. We use them strictly to control wild rodents and prevent the spread of contagious disease in our stores.

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