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PetSmart – The Facts

PetSmart - The Facts

Updated July 13, 2007

What you should know about the birds for sale in our stores:

  • As pet enthusiasts ourselves, we seek customers who enjoy the companionship and bond of a pet, and who take the responsibility seriously. They consider themselves “pet parents” who treat their pets like a family member and who share their lives together. In turn, our bird (and other) customers trust us to provide them with the healthy, well-cared for pets they’re looking for, and we take that responsibility seriously.
  • We discourage impulse buying of any pet by educating potential customers on the proper care needed for each pet. With birds, our Avian Specialist training teaches our associates how to communicate the complete picture of a bird’s requirements to our customers – all the things a prospective pet parent needs to know about caring for a bird – to help our customers fully understand the responsibility they are assuming for the health and welfare of a living being. Our associates can and do refuse to sell a pet to a customer if they have any concerns about the customer’s ability to care for the pet.
  • We only sell pets that we believe make good and appropriate family members. And, we continuously review the type of pets available in our stores to ensure they’re a good fit for our customers. As with all of our pets, we select those that we will offer for sale based on an established set of criteria such as health, availability, ease of care, average lifespan, compatibility as a companion pet, and so on. A recent example of this is in early 2005 when we discontinued sale of more than 30 species of large birds and currently offer only the African Grey Parrot and Goffin Cockatoo in select stores.
  • We have detailed policies and procedures governing all aspects of care for all of the pets we offer from the point they are born or hatched through when they’re in their new home. We only sell birds that come from reputable pet suppliers. These suppliers are chosen as our partners after passing a stringent review process. As part of our Vet Assuredsm program, we monitor these partners and our Quality Assurance Veterinarian conducts on-site reviews, at a minimum, annually.
  • Before arriving at each store, birds receive veterinary care including preventative treatments to ensure their health. Additionally, Pet Care Specialists are trained to handle the birds (and other pets in their care) following strict safety procedures. Upon arrival in our stores, birds are quarantined for a minimum of three days – allowing them time to acclimate to the new environment and to confirm the pet’s health. If a bird becomes ill, it’s promptly moved to a Quiet Room where the pet receives appropriate treatment and veterinary care as necessary.
  • Any sick pet receives the treatment necessary to restore its health, regardless of cost. It’s the right thing to do.
  • We continuously look for opportunities to improve. If an associate or customer has any questions, concerns or issues regarding the pets in our care, we urge them to talk to the store manager or call us. Associates can use our dedicated toll-free number, the Care Line (which is monitored by a third party), and customers can contact us through our customer service line at 1-800-738-1385, ext.2518. Signs promoting these numbers are located throughout the Pet Departments and break rooms in our stores. We take these calls seriously. We investigate them immediately and make changes as appropriate.
  • Addressing and understanding the concern about the size of the pet bird population is critically important to us. PetSmart Charities funded and awaits results of a research project at the University of California at Davis on this topic. It also funded a complementary study by the Gabriel Foundation to survey bird sanctuaries, shelters and veterinarians to study relinquishment issues. PetSmart Charities also has provided funding and support to several bird rescue groups in the U.S.

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