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PetSmart – The Facts

PetSmart - The Facts

How We Care for Pets
Updated July 13, 2007

We aim to provide superior care for the pets in our stores, and always are available to help our pet parents with any concerns about their pet. Each and every associate must complete education and training programs, and know how to provide the highest standards of care for pets in our stores, every moment of every day.

We only provide—through sale and/or adoption—pets that we believe make good and appropriate family members, and we are a trusted resource for those pet parents who want to purchase a healthy pet. We are constantly conducting research, working with experts and listening to feedback from our customers to determine ways in which we can improve or change our practices, all in the best interest of pets.

We discourage impulse buying of any pet by educating potential customers on the proper care needed for each pet. Our associates may refuse to sell a pet to a customer if they have any concerns about the customer's ability to care for the pet.

Although the majority of our adoption services focus on dogs and cats, we also facilitate adoptions of small pets.

Vet Assured

Vet Assuredsm is PetSmart's exclusive program of health care for all of the small pets, birds, reptiles and amphibians available for sale in our stores. Developed in 1997 by our in-house team of veterinarians and pet experts, it is a comprehensive veterinarian-supervised care program that includes setting standards for and monitoring the breeding, care and transportation practices and policies of PetSmart's pet suppliers, conducting examinations by our trained associates of all pets before they are offered for sale, and providing expert care to the pets while in stores.

In other words, we are an industry leader when it comes to caring for pets. We play a critical role in ensuring top-quality care that the pets in our stores receive, even before they reach our stores. And we continue to help with the care of these pets well after they reach their new home.

As part of the Vet Assured program:

  • All pet vendors that work with PetSmart must meet the high standards set by the Vet Assured program. Every vendor must have veterinarians on staff or under contract that oversee and implement aspects of the Vet Assured program. Vendors must agree to ongoing, minimally yearly, inspections (both announced and unannounced) by PetSmart's Vet Assured program directors, and vendors must have all current and appropriate governmental permits and licenses. All violations of the Vet Assured program must be corrected in a timely manner. Repeated or chronic violations of the Vet Assured program may result in the immediate cessation of shipments or termination.
  • All pets are examined when they arrive in the store by a trained associate, and birds and small mammals are monitored for at least three days before joining the other animals for sale. If a pet should become ill while in PetSmart's care, all Pet Care Associates are trained to handle the situation, including isolating the pet in a designated area, consulting a veterinarian and providing medication under the direction of a veterinarian.
  • Each PetSmart store has a consulting veterinarian to refer to with pet health concerns. The store utilizes the services of that veterinarian for the care of any pets that become ill or injured in the store, as needed. The Pet Care Manager at the store can also consult with the PetSmart Veterinary staff.
  • Any seriously ill pets are taken to a consulting veterinarian for examination and treatment regardless of the cost. They are treated according to the veterinarian's recommendations and only returned to the sales floor when healthy. If a veterinarian deems that euthanasia is the most humane treatment, the procedure is performed at the veterinarian's facility using methods approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association.
  • Before purchasing a pet, customers are first informed of possible health risks and disease prevention guidelines. All customers who purchase a pet bird, reptile, amphibian, or small mammal must sign a Pet Sales Record and Customer Contract. This record contains statements pertaining to the care the customer is required to give their new pet. It also explains our 14-day satisfaction guarantee, and gives information about safe handling of pets.

To learn more about PetSmart's pet care resources, click here.

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