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Dwarf Rabbit Sales Trial

PetSmart began in-market research in July 2007 of spayed and neutered dwarf rabbits in about 25 stores nationwide to evaluate potential sales as part of our small pet offering.

About the sales trial

  • We consider the test successful because of what we learned from it. However, we failed to meet the business objectives we set, so, at this time, we’re not expanding the test and will not continue to sell dwarf bunnies beyond those already in or planned for our stores.
  • We only sell pets that we believe make good companions. We thoughtfully study these options and always conduct in-store sales trials in select stores before making a decision to sell a specific pet on a larger scale.
  • In this project we’ve carefully evaluated breeding and husbandry practices, transportation, store care, associate training, customer demand and a host of other issues.
  • We are extremely pleased with the care our bunnies received from our vendors and our pet care specialists in our stores. We are committed to continuing that high level of care through to the end of the project.
  • We remain committed to conducting follow up, random surveys with our customers as part of the sales trial to determine what their experience has been like with their new pet.

About our spayed and neutered dwarf rabbits

  • Dwarf rabbits are a type of domestic European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus). They are much smaller than their larger cousins, but are capable of inbreeding and are not recognized as a separate species.
    • They are about 10-20 inches in body size and up to 4-5 pounds in body weight when full grown and can live to be 6-10 years old.
    • They are gentle and social. They enjoy the companionship of other dwarf rabbits, especially if they are raised together.
  • All dwarf rabbits purchased from PetSmart are already spayed or neutered thus resulting in a calmer, less aggressive adult. The practice of spaying and neutering these rabbits also helps to control the pet population and reduces the risk of ovarian cancer in females.
  • Since these rabbits are spayed or neutered and our focus is to find the right home for the right pet, we priced our rabbits at $99.99. At this price, the pet parent is much more inclined to stop and think through their purchase rather than buy on impulse, a practice PetSmart strongly discourages
  • Our rabbits have been bred by reputable breeders under the guidance of our PetSmart veterinarians and come with our Vet Assured guarantee. Also, because of the specialized nature of rabbit care, the cost of spay/neutering can vary from $50-$75 in low cost clinics to hundreds of dollars in metropolitan areas, so, the rabbits PetSmart offers are a great value.
  • All small pets purchased at PetSmart receive the Vet Assured promise of health and wellness plus a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. Vet Assured is our exclusive veterinarian designed care program that helps to ensure your new pet is healthy.

About adoptions

  • As we did before and during the test, PetSmart will continue to support in-store adoptions of rabbits and other homeless pets. We currently partner with more than 40 rabbit-specific agencies.

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