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Rockwell Automation Simplifies Model Predictive Control with Pavilion8 Software


MILWAUKEE, June 7,  2012 —Rockwell  Automation has added new tools to its Pavilion8 model  predictive control software, giving users the ability to create simple to complex  process models on their own. Leveraging a powerful modeling engine, Pavilion8  software version 4.0 gathers all data from within a facility – including  equations, empirical data and heuristics – to help users develop a robust model  of the process. The software continuously assesses current and predicted  operational data, compares it to desired results, and computes new control  targets to reduce in-process variability and improve process performance.

  “Our customers are constantly being asked to do  more with less,” said  Ric Snyder, senior product manager for advanced process control, Rockwell  Automation. “Pavilion8 version 4.0 includes new tools that  enable users to build, maintain and adjust many models on their own – without  the need for outside support. This helps companies squeeze every ounce of  production out of existing lines.”


  Through  integration with the PlantPAx  process automation system, Pavilion8 users can build  models leveraging a common design and execution environment to reduce overall  commissioning time. The latest version of Pavilion8 software includes three key  enhancements to simplify model predictive control and further reduce total cost  of ownership – solution builder tools, Web-based dashboards and automatic step  testing.


  Solution builder tools – Pavilion8 version 4.0 includes solution builder tools that enable users to  build, maintain and adjust many models on their own without the need for  outside support. For example, if a dairy processor introduces a product that’s  produced at a moisture level outside the normal operating range, they can use the  solution builder tools to retrain the model, using the latest process data, and  make sure it’s accurate within the new scope of the process. In the past, users  would need to work with outside consultants to make adjustments and retrain the  model.


    Web-based dashboards Leveraging the latest Google Web tools, these new dashboards provide a customizable,  browser-based user experience. The thin-client application allows anyone with approved access to see what’s  happening inside the system through browser-based dashboards. In addition to  predefined settings, users can now personalize their views by reconfiguring widgets  in a way that makes sense for them to best monitor key performance indicators  for their role without  expensive, time-consuming support resources.


    Automatic step testing One of the most time-consuming tasks  in any model predictive control project is step testing. The new automatic step-tester makes  the process easier, faster and adaptable to changing process conditions,  helping users reduce the total time spent identifying dynamic models. In  addition, users can take  advantage of the automatic step testing tool to easily update and maintain  model accuracy as the process changes over time. Automatic step testing is especially  beneficial in applications such as chemical refining where process dynamics can  be very long.


  “Rockwell Automation is building on one of the  most powerful and scalable model predictive control software engines,” said  Peter Reynolds, senior consultant, ARC Advisory Group. “With new user-friendly  configuration tools, Pavilion8 greatly simplifies deployment and support of  model-based process control, helping manufacturers optimize multiple process  units and manage variability.”


  Pavilion8 software is the company’s leading  platform for model predictive control and real-time environmental management,  helping companies continuously achieve multiple business objectives, including  cost reductions, decreased emissions, consistent quality and production  increases. It is the first platform to combine empirical  and first principle models into a single composite model. With proven return on investment when applied to a  wide range of industries, continuous processes and equipment, Pavilion8  software adapts to changing business needs and is scalable to meet simple  linear to the most challenging non-linear processes.


  For more information on Pavilion8 model  predictive control software version 4.0, visit Rockwell Automation at ACHEMA  2012 in Frankfurt, Germany, June 18-22 – Hall 11.1, Stand E27.


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